A Short Word: The Smoke And Mirrors Economy

Trump's economy isn't any better than Obama's was.

A Short Word: The Trade War is On

The Chinese are no fools.

A Short Word: America Post-Trump

The fact is, as conservatives, we have to begin thinking about America post-Trump.

A Short Word: Choosing Barabbas

Do Americans have the moral courage to do what is right and choose leaders who will refrain from antagonizing their fellow Americans on partisan grounds?

A Short Word: The Limit of Tolerance

Even pluralism, a core virtue of American conservatism, has its limits, and a patriot can not, must not, tolerate the intolerable.

A Short Word: Guilty As Charged

So I am evil, apparently. I'm told by the Left that I'm evil, because I don't believe in failed political and economic fantasies that have provably destroyed the lives of millions of the poor and minorities in the United States alone who have been sold a lie for over a century. I'm told by the Right that... Continue Reading →

The Trump Inauguration

By making an issue of how many people did or didn’t attend his political Quinceañera, Donald Trump manages to undermine not only his own credibility but now also the credibility and dignity of the Office of President.

A Short Word: Who Do You Love

The Establishment won, and it cost them a few lies, a little arm twisting, and a long swan song.

A Short Word: Dissent is Liberty

There is a broad swath of Americans that now believe that it is somehow inappropriate for citizens to dare to speak to an elected official out of turn. This is terrifying.

A Short Word: The Reckoning

For better or (more likely) for worse, this all comes to an end tomorrow, but tomorrow is likely only the beginning of what is to come.

A Short Word: Bad Polls & Worse News

This is the chance of a lifetime for people looking to end the Establishment's death grip on American politics once and for all.

A Short Word: The 3 Reactions to Trump

There are three types of reactions to Trump by Republicans and independents on the right, and, unfortunately, most of them betray the character of our Founding Fathers.

A Short Word: Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat

I could spend days going through the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of tweets these lunatics spewed forth, but it only takes one to sum the movement up nicely.

A Short Word: Dragging It Out

At this point, there can't be anyone rational that still believes anything that comes out of Donald's mouth. Seriously, can there be?

A Short Word: America’s Grievance Culture

At the heart of both of these ridiculous victim ideologies is the same bizarre question: Is one man harmed by another man if he is poorer than the other?

A Short Word: Americanism

To the first generations of American citizens, personal virtue, especially in the leaders of the day, was often more important than their political beliefs.

A Short Word: Smoke and Mirrors

It's not enough to know how many jobs are being created and how fast the economy is growing, because that's just smoke and mirrors.

A Short Word: The Conservative Party Platform

If throwing out the rules and starting over is what it takes to achieve a just government, then that's what a just people do.

A Short Word: America Lurches Leftward

The Republican Party is now firmly a center left party, with the Democrats so far to the left, they are playing in the street.

A Short Word: Doing What is Necessary

It's time to do what is necessary. The adults have to be grown ups and protect the childish from themselves.

A Short Word: Why NeverTrump?

The result of such a decision is as functionally irrelevant as the choice between being shot in the left temple as opposed to in the right temple.

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