A Short Word: Guilty As Charged

So I am evil, apparently.

I’m told by the Left that I’m evil, because I don’t believe in failed political and economic fantasies that have provably destroyed the lives of millions of the poor and minorities in the United States alone who have been sold a lie for over a century. I’m told by the Right that I’m evil, because I don’t believe in a tyrannical autocrat who justifies his personal attacks and vile bigotry with flag waving and nationalistic jingoism harking back to the same fascist European imperialism that our grandfathers fought and died to defeat less than a century ago.

I’m evil because I believe that the proper role of government should be leaving you, me, and everyone else alone, and that their hands should be more than full with building roads and securing borders, neither of which they seem interested in doing anymore. I’m evil, because I believe that the government should no more write a check to Goldman Sachs than it should to Solyndra. I’m evil because I don’t believe it should cost $15,000 and 15 years to become a US citizen, limiting the “land of the free” to the world’s elite, while turning our backs on the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free“.

I’m evil, because I believe that who I contract, congregate, contemplate, or copulate with is none of the government’s business, so long as both parties are legally consenting, and no one is harmed. I’m evil, because I believe that the Founding Fathers understood that most people, push come to shove, will abandon rule of law and liberty for autocracy and tyranny, just to feel safe.

I’m not suggesting I’m absolutely good. God knows that I’ve done plenty of actual evil in my lifetime. I’ve done and said things that are both evil and wrong, and that cross I must bear, while I try to give it all to Jesus one splinter at a time. But as far as people saying I’m evil, because I demand to be free?

All I can say to them is molon labe.

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis!


Liberty is For The Win!

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