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As you have probably already guessed, Liberty is For the Win is philosophically right of center, emphasizing values of individual freedom, personal responsibility, and capitalist market theory. If you share these values, then I hope you stick around. If you don’t, my hope is to address the popular misconceptions of conservative philosophy so that we might find some common ground.

Liberty is For the Win assumes the need to help the poor and disadvantaged is a public moral good. However, if cultural socialist policies have clearly failed to achieve these ends, then it is morally imperative to stop doing things that don’t work! Merely sustaining people in a state of perpetual poverty and disadvantage is not moral or ethical. There is a moral obligation to lift people up economically.

If we truly want to help people out of poverty and disadvantage, we can’t continue holding onto policies divorced from their results. We must go where the data takes us and not be content to maintain any illusions of unearned benevolence, especially in an age of ready information.

Why should you even bother reading this?

America is in real trouble, poverty has become entrenched culturally, as systemic unemployment grows more pervasive than ever and the labor force shrinks to levels that haven’t been seen since the late 1970’s. It’s long past time for those on the left to sit down and talk with us on the right. (Don’t believe me? Check out: “A Look at the Scoreboard“)

The reality is that cultural and political gridlock doesn’t solve any problems and doesn’t ensure our country’s future. Together, we must get past our political tinted beliefs, and see things for how they really are. America doesn’t need politics. It needs solutions, and those solutions may require a little of column A and a little of column B to get things done.

The dreadful truth is we can’t pretend that arguing endlessly is going to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged. We the People have got to stop talking past each other, take a deep breath, and have an actual dialogue. The one thing we know for certain is things have gotten worse over the last 50 years for too many people.

How do I know I am right?

I am not about to make any claim to infallibility. What I will claim is a devotion to the pursuit of the truth. To that end, I cite academic, governmental, or financial sources in order to demonstrate the results of present left of center ideological policies and compare them to right of center ideological policies. Where an objective academic or governmental source is not available, I will endeavor to use several available sources to avoid bias.

As far as educational credentials, I have attained BA of Computer Science from the University of Arkansas and an MBA from John Brown University. I invite anyone to fact check my research and comments will always be open for honest scholarly discussion.

Are you ready to take the red pill and leave bias behind?

Most people aren’t ready for this. As humans, we just aren’t built to handle having our core beliefs challenged, especially in large doses, so I can not to tell you that you are wrong. The only thing I’m going to say that you have been dreadfully misinformed about the facts, and this has lead you in a direction away from the truth.

This is true of everyone, on both right of center and left of center, including me. It’s just how we human beings are wired. We have an opportunity to work past that now, with a lot of information at our disposal.

Thank you!

Liberty is For The Win.

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  1. Hi libertyftw. I just wanted to thank you for your comments and defense on my you tube comment on the Stefan Molyneux video about Ted Cruz. My YouTube username is radradroadbot. I thought you’d like to know that I actually called in and talked with Stefan and his assistant for over an hour a couple days after that post, but I haven’t seen that call aired. I like to say that he didn’t air the call because I embarrassed him with wit and facts, but that probably isn’t the case. We had a good talk. I was probably under prepared and didn’t have all the references I should have, but I did my best to make my case. Stefan basically just doubled down on all his claim and let his assistant (who’s name I don’t recall) do most of the talking because he’s the one who actually did the research on Ted, not Stefan. Anyway I just thought you like to know that I didn’t back down and I appreciate you not either. Thanks

    , Randall.

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    1. You’re welcome, brother! And thank you for taking a stand! We will not let these people take a good man’s name through the mud like this. I am frankly SHOCKED to see Stefan, who has been peddling “anarcho-capitalism” for years now pivot and go full out for the poster boy of crony corporatism and the lobbyist culture of Washington, DC. I’ve always suspected Stefan was not a true believer in what he was selling, and this endorsement of Trump is clear confirmation of those suspicions. I’ll keep fighting this fight and proudly!


  2. I have a BS in Business administration, BA in Liberal arts, and an MS in Computer Science. I was born in 1933, middle of Kansas , raised by a mother with three children. I served in the Army in Korea 1953 through 1955. Where in your experience do you decide your views on Trump, and others. Please let me know !


  3. Mr LIFTW,

    I have read a few of your posts with interest. While you declare yourself “right of center” (and I would, if required, declare myself “left” as being somewhat less enamored of the virtues of capitalism, certainly as currently practiced), I don’t see your posts as “right wing” at all in the current environment. Trusting smart people to do smart things, believing in progress, hell, even believing in actual facts takes you outside the current Overton window of political possibility. Your American Republicans (I am Canadian) are mostly full on insane, and what passes for “the left” these past 50 years is also delusional – we cannot have nice things (medicare, schools, hospitals, driveable roads, addiction treatment, etc.) unless we are willing to have honest discussions about how much these things wiĺl cost us all. Valuing liberty, personal responsibility, compassion and intelligence are not political virtues, they are human virtues that are not present to any great extent in any of our current Western democracies, including Canada’s. So whether you like it or not, I declare you neither right nor left of center (centre), just a sensible human. Thanks, I enjoyed your writing.

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