A Short Word: Why NeverTrump?

In a recent interview on Louder with Crowder, Steven Crowder and David Limbaugh discussed the political ramifications of the #NeverTrump movement. Understand, both have taken reasonable and principled positions on the issue and made some great points worth responding to during a information rich interview (strongly recommend watching it). The goal here is to respond to the overall argument, as well as dealing with the two strongest arguments presented for #NeverTrump voters to break ranks and vote for Donald Trump in November.

Dr. Limbaugh hit all the key concerns that ideological conservatives in the #NeverTrump movement have about Donald, that he’s not conservative, that he’s not credibly anti-Establishment, that he and his supporters are offensive to the point of being pathological. All of those reasons, as Steven and David both openly admitted, were credible reasons to not support Donald’s candidacy. So let’s leave these points as mutually given.

It’s early in the discussion when Dr. Limbaugh posits the single strongest argument for voting for Donald, which is that a Clinton presidency would unquestionably be a disaster, and not voting only helps Hillary’s campaign. Unequivocally, ideological conservatives in the #NeverTrump camp whole-heartedly agree on this point in principle. Unfortunately, the simple fact that this is literally the strongest argument to vote for Donald undermines the entire argument.

If the strongest reason for voting for someone is that their opposition is somehow objectively worse, baked into such an argument is the supposition that the option being presented, in this case voting for Trump, is also objectively bad, otherwise another stronger argument would be presented. Such a “lesser of two evils” argument is already extremely tenuous when applied to propping up a semi-friendly fascist regime over an openly hostile socialist dictatorship in some third world country. The argument becomes totally untenable when applied to American politics for reasons we’ll discuss later.

When the difference between terrible option A, a pathological liar Democrat, and horrible option B, a pathological liar Republican, is a matter of labeling, not logic, what we’re really arguing about is which option we fear less. The result of such a decision is as functionally irrelevant as the choice between being shot in the left temple as opposed to in the right temple. The rational answer to the second proposition is the same as it is for the first: “Neither.

Later, Steven brought up a really interesting point that, as Christians, he believes that we must leave room for Donald to credibly “come to Jesus“. To support the supposition that certain gestures by Donald could represent a political shift toward conservatism, Steven brought up the list of Supreme Court nominees that the Trump campaign released in mid May.

Even Ben Shapiro noted in previous discussions with Steven Crowder (seriously, watch his show, if you don’t have fun watching his show, the problem is you), Donald not only demonstrated a total lack of familiarity with the list, indicating he had nothing to do with putting it together, he even admitted that he considered the list to be only “a guide to nominate” SCOTUS justices, not necessarily a campaign promise. As Ben Shapiro aptly put it, “I don’t think he’s telling the truth.

That aside, there are two major problems with this “come to Jesus” argument. The first is, as was already mentioned, Donald is simply not credible, so no statement he makes can nor should be taken as any indication that he means anything by the statement at that time. As a Scottish farmer who Donald Trump infamously tried to force from his own land so Trump could build a golf course, Michael Forbes, said, “Trump’s a compulsive liar. If he was to tell the truth, it would kill him.

The second counterargument of the “come to Jesus” argument is that the Christian forgiveness is a personal action. If Donald lies about and abuses a Christian, that individual has a Christian duty to find the faith to forgive Donald for his lies and abuse. There is, however, no Christian principle or duty upon the individual to further subject themselves to Donald’s subsequent lies and abuse.

In fact, there is a very good Christian argument to be made that a Christian duty exists to protect society from exactly such a dishonest and abusive person, even if he is supposed to be indistinguishably better than a political alternative. We certainly do not have an obligation to allow such an individual to become the president of the United States in our name, where his many obvious and documented character flaws can harm more Americans.

Now, to a broader point. If we are truly at the point where the argument for voting for one candidate over another is which one will least rapaciously violate our constitutional rights, which necessarily implies they will both utterly fail their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution and the Natural Law underpinning it, then we have reached an impasse beyond which no ideological conservative can in good conscience go.

As has been discussed in an earlier article, the only duty that is imposed upon individuals in any of the founding documents is “to alter and abolish” any government that has become despotic (Declaration of Independence). If that’s the case with both Donald and Hillary, then We the People have a real duty to reject both of them outright. If the principled ideology of the Declaration of Independence still applies, then principled conservatives “must throw off such Government” and then “provide new Guards for their future security.

This is something Steven and Ben Shapiro discussed briefly, and that’s where many of us in the #NeverTrump movement are. By the principles of Natural Law, we, as citizens, have no obligation to allow the government to abscond with our rights because “the two major political parties say so“. The political parties have no grounding in the Constitution or Natural Law, and if they both fail to provide viable candidates in regard to constitutional principles, then per the terms of those same constitutional principles, they are disqualified.

We are under no obligation to recognize the legitimacy of a government under either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump any more than both Thomas Jefferson or James Madison were obligated to recognize the legitimacy of the British crown. It is almost entirely certain that we have not yet reached the point of the necessity of a violent insurrection, but we are certainly to the point of the necessity of political resistance against a lawless political system.

This is clearly not the position of the entire #NeverTrump movement, nor is it even the position of David Limbaugh, Steven Crowder, or even the ideological conservatives within the #NeverTrump movement, but it is the position of Liberty is For The Win.

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7 comments on “A Short Word: Why NeverTrump?”
  1. Sandi Trusso says:

    The strongest reason for voting for Trump isn’t that his opponent is “objectively worse”. It’s that we might have a chance with him, whereas aside from all of the destruction to our country that Hillary has already caused (and I’ve been fighting her destructive programs long before I knew who she was), I believe that she will complete the destruction of America of Obama that has nearly brought us to our knees. There will probably be no other chance for saving our beloved country if she gets in and finishes us off.

    1. LibertyIsFTW says:

      All you are saying is that Trump “might” be better than Hillary. So it’s not even a strong “lesser of two evils” argument. Not good enough. You also disregard that Trump is objectively evil, having disregarded all principles of Natural Law. He is a scoundrel. He will never deserve my vote. Never.

    2. You are making their point that he is the lesser of two evils , sorry evil is evil, #NeverTrump

  2. Bill says:

    So the solution to the problem is to stick my head in the sand and do nothing at all? Because that’s what a vote for Ted Cruz is. Sure, I’d prefer him to be president too, but I live in a reality in which my vote doesn’t elect the president. Even as I write this it’s statistically a sure bet that Hillary will get more electoral votes than everyone else combined. And you’re advocating for the opposition to her to further fracture, making it utterly impossible for Hillary to lose. Even if your influence were to increase by 10,000% and everyone you can reach were to agree that voting for Cruz is the way to go, there’s no way that Cruz will get more electoral votes than Trump (and I seriously doubt he’d get more than Johnson). So you’re just telling us that you want to continue to use a broken system in a failing government in a completely ineffective way, so that HRC will to be the next president. If the only damage she could do was to the government, I’d be behind you. But it will affect me, too.

    1. LibertyIsFTW says:

      You come so close, yet so far, Bill.

      “Even as I write this it’s statistically a sure bet that Hillary will get more electoral votes than everyone else combined.”

      So, what you’re telling me is that I should throw my vote away to a cause that you know is lost, just to fit in and be like everyone else? I have another article for you.


      1. bihlbo says:

        No, I’m telling you that advocating that Republicans, liberty-loving individuals, and run-of-the-mill honest voters should vote for someone other than the one candidate who has a chance of beating HRC, takes votes away from that one candidate with a chance, and effectively locks in the presidency for HRC. It’s because of people like you that Trump cannot win right now. Congrats! You didn’t elect Trump. Enjoy the worse option.

        I don’t want President Trump either. But any efforts I might have made to make sure that doesn’t happen were nullified when he got the nomination. As much as I want ME to count as an individual American, I just don’t, especially not for the presidency. My state WA is D-leaning. Hillary is going to get WA’s electoral votes. The only thing I could do to stop that is to vote for Trump, and to suggest the same of everyone I know who doesn’t like HRC. Instead, they’re going to vote one of 5 different ways (Johnson, Stein, Hillary, some Harambe-like write-in, or no vote) and that difference will be what ensures that HRC wins.

        Voting for a president is not about your morals, your values, or your endorsement, and it’s not democracy. It’s just working a system, one which cannot be described without expletives.

      2. LibertyIsFTW says:

        And you are missing the point. Trump is a #NationalSocialist. If you don’t understand how he’s a national socialist, then you haven’t been paying attention.


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