The Economy in Context: October 2019

One thing is for sure, this isn't the rapid growth economy we were sold.

The Dawn of the 9/11/2001 Generation

Is America a place where our laws and politics reflect our highest virtues or our lowest bigotries?

The Economy in Context: September 2019

By every objective measure, the economy has been at best mediocre, and, when compared to the performance of the economy since Reagan, this economy has been flaccid, especially in 2019.

The Economy in Context: August 2019

The current administration is desperate to have American voters believe their blatant mediocrity is somehow better than the blatant mediocrity of the prior administration...

When did 2.1% become “good”?

In what upside down world is "below average" synonymous with "booming"?

The Trade War Is Not Going Well

The trade war and the moral cowardice of the "heartland voter" demonstrate just how little "heart" there is in this land.

The Economy in Context: July 2019

This economy isn't "better", and it sure as Hell isn't "great".

Independence Day Hangover

If we really are a Christian nation, then our national holidays should be in accord with our Christian values, and not merely of Earthly concerns.

Faux Individualism Is Just Collectivism

Individualism is the philosophical position that, since only individuals are capable of possessing rights, only individual rights exist.

A Short Word: The Smoke And Mirrors Economy

Trump's economy isn't any better than Obama's was.

Mudslinging Is For Pigs

[T]here are no good guys in the pig fight over who controls Washington, D.C., and there won't be until enough Americans demand something better than what either major political party has to offer.

Trigger Warning: Activism Is Not Science

The constant media coverage of weather events and protests about "climate change" may be news (albeit irresponsible), but one thing that it certainly is not is "climate science".

The Economy in Context: June 2019

Bragging about a 3.6% unemployment rate with 62.8% labor force participation is like bragging about how well a cupcake fits in a ring box. No one wants that cupcake or the ring box.

Sorry, But Sovereignty Works Both Ways

Every other nation on the planet has exactly the same national sovereignty that the United States does...

The Media Doesn’t Understand Trumpism

Trump's base isn't monolithic, philosophically, economically, psychologically, or even politically, though they all turn a blind eye to Trump's incompetence, his degeneracy, and his ignorance.

Where Social Conservatism Goes Wrong

Disagreements between people of different opinions is perfectly compatible with political conservatism, but let's not forget that conservatism is ultimately about leaving people alone...

A Short Word: The Trade War is On

The Chinese are no fools.

America’s Epidemic of Stupid and Crazy

We are watching in real time the demise of our republic, succumbing to the poison of the lowest common denominator politics of democracy.

The Economy in Context: May 2019

Is this a healthy economy?

2020: The Perception is Reality Election

In these 3 key states that came within 78,000 votes of giving Hillary Clinton the White House in 2016, every Republican Senate candidate lost. Every single one.

Americans Are a Cheap (And Stupid) Date

Are we missing something?

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