Thanksgiving 2017

While at times these last few years certain things have seemed bleak, there remains plenty to be thankful for. As you read this, consider what you are most thankful for and hold it close to your heart today.  I hope that all of my countrymen can find a moment of respite today in warmth and the company... Continue Reading →

Housecleaning Conservatism’s Big Tent

Defining what conservatism is should obviously be far more important than trying to list the vast amount of things that conservatism isn't.

Not the Freedom You’re Looking For

Did the Framers truly intend to condemn us to this charade of taxation, regulation, and coercive enforcement of "do as we say or else"?

Who Wants to Rule the World?

In my America, only Liberty wears a crown. Long may she reign.

Trigger Warning: Your Boycott is Bogus

Unfortunately, there's bad news for those boycotting on both sides of this contentious issue: Nothing is going to change because of these childish boycotts.

A Short Word: Common Ground

[W]hy are you still in a political party that no longer represents you?


It is said that "to everything there is a season", and for all things, there is a proper time.

Trick or Treat 2017: The Howling Train

Sadly, my friends, there is no good end to this story, and, as they say, "This will end in tears."

Lighting Caves, Popping Bubbles

It's time to burst everyone's bubble and force them into the sunlight, even if they run shrieking back into the comfortable captivity of their caves and safe spaces of their bubbles.

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