One Year Later

While the comparisons of the conspicuously inept and almost casual assault on our nation’s Capitol one year ago to the burning of the German Reichstag are admittedly imprecise, they are far from entirely incorrect. The fact that so many Republicans were (and continue to be) so completely convinced by the baseless conspiracy theories they’ve seen on social media that they would even consider carrying out such an attack on Congress, let alone go through with it, demonstrates just how unhinged these people actually were and frankly still are.
Now consider that this same lunatic farm Republican Party may actually regain control of the same Capitol building their goon supporters invaded just over a year ago, and we have a much more one-to-one analog for the Reichstag fire of 1933. It’s well past time to get worried, because we have an entire political party brimming with honestly stupid people demonstrably willing to resort to violence in order to force their idiocy on the rest of the country.
Worse still is that these people cannot be convinced of anything that isn’t from their stupidity filled corners of the internet. They actually believe it was ever illegal to say “Merry Christmas” in the United States. They believe that, even when cops do something wrong, it’s wrong to hold them accountable for that wrongdoing. And, most ridiculous of all, they believe the fact that evidence of widespread voter fraud hasn’t stood up in court proves that there was widespread voter fraud and that the courts (including judges that were appointed by Trump) are “in on it”.
What can we do in the face of absolute lunacy?
I hate to say it, but the only hope we have is if Biden’s Justice Department starts taking its job seriously and starts dealing with not only the slobs that invaded the Capitol on January 6th but also with the Republican politicians and the Fox News talking heads involved in the inept coup attempt to the maximum extent of the law.
Hitler spent 5 years in prison in 1923, after being convicted of “high treason”. Ten years later, his NAZI party was behind the destruction of the German Reichstag building, blaming the arson on communists in order to consolidate his power. Again, the comparison between the two events is not perfect, but history never really is, and we’re following the same pattern on a much shorter time scale. Unless the people behind January 6th are put away, not seeing the light of day until they are in adult diapers, and anyone who provoked or planned the January 6th insurrection plot should be tried for treason and receive the only fitting punishment, we are in danger of seeing the most powerful nuclear military power in the world come under the sway of violent and paranoid nationalists.
It’s time to get worried.

Liberty is for the win.

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