Neo-Feudalism: Poverty in America

Who's to blame for free men and women condemned to a waking nightmare of fear and death, where kill or be killed are their two best economic choices in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet?

Trigger Warning: Losing isn’t Winning

The vile sickness that infests our national government isn't new, it's just common to both major parties now.

Winning the Battle. Losing the War.

The question Americans should be asking isn't "How much should the wealthy be taxed?", but should be "If government demonstrably fails to solve the problems that government is supposed to be solving, why are we forced to pay taxes for essentially nothing?".

Cola, Cakes, and Net Neutrality

Ultimately, the net neutrality issue centers around concerned citizens who believe the federal government should step into the internet industry in order to prevent internet service providers from doing what Coke and Pepsi have been doing to each other for literally generations.

Who taught you to hate Liberalism?

So why is it, in the one nation on Earth founded on the principles of classical Liberalism, that Liberalism means exactly the opposite of what it means practically everywhere else in the world?

Holding the Line

At the very end of every collectivist's argument is always violence. Every collectivist. Always.

Thanksgiving 2017

While at times these last few years certain things have seemed bleak, there remains plenty to be thankful for. As you read this, consider what you are most thankful for and hold it close to your heart today.  I hope that all of my countrymen can find a moment of respite today in warmth and the company... Continue Reading →

Housecleaning Conservatism’s Big Tent

Defining what conservatism is should obviously be far more important than trying to list the vast amount of things that conservatism isn't.

Not the Freedom You’re Looking For

Did the Framers truly intend to condemn us to this charade of taxation, regulation, and coercive enforcement of "do as we say or else"?

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