The Clearing Skies

As November comes to a close, and those of us in the liberty movement can finally look forward to being free of the idiocy that has been the Trump Administration, we are obligated to look back upon this absolute cluster of a month (and past four years, really), if only to pretend that the American people are even remotely capable of learning from it.

However, before we actually get to the point of reflection, we need to realize one absolutely painful fact: There are literally tens of millions of American voters who actually believe Donald Trump won the election and over seventy million Americans who believed the narcissistic clown deserved a second term.

Full stop.

All across the United States, in every community, there are millions of people, who are convinced that the last four years are what successful political leadership looks like.

  • Adding trillions of dollars in new debt and deficit spending that puts the country on even worse fiscal footing for generations to come? Success.
  • Families torn apart, and children never seeing their parents again, thanks to our government? Success.
  • The gross expansion of executive power and the total destruction of legislative political norms that will jeopardize the stability of governments and weaken political minorities in Congress for decades to come? Success.
  • Alienating international allies and eroding of crucial alliances, while gutting the diplomatic corps and ceding regional influence to hostile international rivals? Success.
  • A total abdication of federal responsibilities and unambiguous dishonesty in response to a pandemic affecting millions of Americans? Success.
  • The justification of police state violence against minorities communities while blindly defending the criminal perpetrators, simply because they are wearing badges? Success.

So even if the spray tanned imbecile will shortly be shown the door out of the White House and – GOD willing – hauled off to prison to rot where he belongs, the legions of angry, paranoid, and entitled ignoramuses that put him in the White House in the first place still remain.

And now that these heathens have had a taste of unfettered political power, free of partisan checks and balances, they will be even more eager for more and now pose an even more serious existential threat to the cause of republicanism, conservatism, and libertarianism going forward, because one idiot wearing a sleeveless tee-shirt emblazoned with “BBQ, Beer, and Freedom“, frothing at the mouth with moronic conspiracy theories can do more damage to our movement than an entire legion of Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs.

It is precisely the image of an obese, unhinged dolt, sporting a thinning mullet, and shouting idiotic, internet conspiracy theories that has already become the international face of the Republican Party. If that fool becomes the face of conservatism, then it’s game over for the conservative movement for at least a generation.

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff in the movement, or else our ideology will be dragged down into the gutters of history by the vermin that have infested the Republican Party. Conservatives must decide, once and for all, if they love the movement more than their party.

Liberty is For The Win!


One comment on “The Clearing Skies”
  1. How anyone could still support that idiot is a complete mystery. I will never look at some people the same way again.

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