A Short Word: The Final Nails

Trapped in an elephant sized coffin, the overstuffed egos driving the Republican Party can hear the end coming. In the absolute darkness, the thunder of the hammer is deafening, but it has fallen quiet for a moment, allowing them to mull over their regrettable fate. The silence ends all too soon, as there comes the clunking tinkle of the final nails for the coffin upon the middle of the coffin lid. While there’s no real hope of the GOP surviving this election cycle, there remains the question of whether the Republican Party takes the conservative movement into its grave with it.

With candidate Bernie Sanders’s endorsement of his rival, Hillary Clinton, for the DNC nomination for presidential candidate, the last nails in the coffin are being counted out. His endorsement ends the last remaining obstacle to the certainty of Hillary’s victory in November. The endorsement also represents another “yuge” miscalculation by the GOP presumptive nominee, who has a long history of billion dollar blundering miscalculations that have ended up with his signature on corporate bankruptcy documents.

As a man and a movement that lives exclusively up inside his utterly fallacious reputation, the certainty with which the GOP nominee and his barking mad supporters assumed that Bernie Sanders voters would jump the Democratic Party because “they were mad at the establishment” proves just how much they were projecting their own teenage “you’re not the boss of me” angst across the aisle. They were warned, and, of course, just like rebellious and self righteous teenagers, they didn’t listen.

With a presumptive candidate who has no chance of winning in November and a voter base that’s frankly too stupid to see the writing on the wall, the only hope for the GOP is to eject their nominee and limp back home without his political dead weight. It’s doubtful that the members of the GOP have that kind of intestinal fortitude, because they certainly haven’t demonstrated any before. It has been, after all, their abject cowardice in the political arena that has brought us to this point.

The GOP has one last chance to get out of their coffin before the final hammer falls, if only to save ideological conservatism. After that, it needs to climb back into the box and at least die with the dignity it should have had in life. They’ve had thirty years to take a stand on principle, rather than political expediency, but, since Reagan, the Republicans have proven themselves totally uninterested in paying anything more than lip service to the conservatism that Reagan championed.

So whether the GOP manages to protect its ideological constituents or not, the funeral will no doubt be poorly attended. They will not be missed by either ideological conservatives who are leaving the party in droves or by the shrieking ignorants who have doomed the party as well as their own chances of victory for the next twenty years. The only question remaining is what replaces the Republican Party, and that, ultimately, should be the center of our attention.

Be brave. Be free.

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