A Short Word: Sitting for Freedom

To compel others to violate their conscience simply because it is "nationalist" carries the poisonous stink of Mao's Communist Party loyalty patrols.

Halls Echoing with the Tears of Children

When fundamental cultural questions become intractable, violence is the fundamental language spoken by all people, at all times, everywhere.

A Short Word: Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat

I could spend days going through the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of tweets these lunatics spewed forth, but it only takes one to sum the movement up nicely.

A Short Word: Dragging It Out

At this point, there can't be anyone rational that still believes anything that comes out of Donald's mouth. Seriously, can there be?

A Short Word: America’s Grievance Culture

At the heart of both of these ridiculous victim ideologies is the same bizarre question: Is one man harmed by another man if he is poorer than the other?

A Short Word: Americanism

To the first generations of American citizens, personal virtue, especially in the leaders of the day, was often more important than their political beliefs.

49 Seconds That Changed Nothing

Ask yourselves, friends and foes alike, who earnestly unloads a truck while wearing a $5,000.00 suit jacket in the middle of August in a Louisiana bayou country?

A Short Word: Simple Mathematics

Here's the bad news for Donald and his insufferably ignorant supporters: the polls aren't wrong.

A Short Word: Smoke and Mirrors

It's not enough to know how many jobs are being created and how fast the economy is growing, because that's just smoke and mirrors.

A Short Word: A Civilizational Problem

When it is clear that our police officers are no longer patrolling civilized city streets but a paved wilderness where the law is seen as a hostile threat, should the state continue to impose itself on people who have so rejected society that they can no longer see any benefits of remaining part of it?

A Short Word: The Dirty Truth About Immigration

We have been duped into believing that the government, with a motion of Congress and the signature of the President, can change the very economic laws of supply and demand with no negative consequences whatsoever.

A Short Word: What Comes Next

Newsflash, our Natural Law rights to speech, to religion, to assembly, to association, to contract, to keep and bear arms aren't granted to you by the United States Constitution, friends.

Economics Speed Round: August 2016

The primary drivers for 3rd Quarter or 4th Quarter economic downturn in the United States remain driven by domestic policies.

A Short Word: Peace In Our Time

As it turns out, Hillary Clinton's post coronation lead has legs, as she remains ahead of Donald by 6.5 points in national polls, now into the second week of August, despite continued weak economic news, her growing email scandals, and her total lack of personal likability.

A Short Word: Political Final Exams

In the private sector, if a company can't find anyone qualified to fill a skilled position, they don't just settle for a terrible applicant with a pulse and hope for the best.

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