A Short Word: Political Final Exams

I got into a long debate with someone on Facebook, whose entire argument basically was that I had to vote for the Republican candidate, no matter what, because the Supreme Court is at stake. Apparently, this political reality puts me over the barrel, enough that I have to buy whatever the Republicans are selling, no matter the cost. It was a long and stupid argument, as arguments on the internet often are, but it ultimately ended up here.

Let’s work through a thought experiment. It’s the last week of new employee orientation, we’re in the middle of exams. The results of these exams will determine whether or not students get licensed to represent the company or walked out the door. The test format is a straight forward multiple choice test. Our two candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

After a grueling hour, the moment of truth arrives and both candidates hand in their tests for grading. Hillary Clinton has carefully and dutifully filled in her answers. Unfortunately for her, she has filled in the wrong answer on practically every question. She fails to get her license, so she will not be continuing on with the company. Too bad.

Then we look at Donald Trump’s test. While it’s true that Donald Trump filled in the correct answer on every question, he also filled in the wrong answers on every question.. and.. no, wait, he filled in every single bubble on the entire test, even bubbles that weren’t even bubbles. He even filled in some 0’s and O’s.

Technically, Donald Trump answered every question correctly, but he also answered every question incorrectly three (or more) times for every correct answer. He also fails to get a license and also will not continue with the company. Trump doesn’t get to pass the test, simply because he has an “R” after his name, and Hillary has a “D”. Neither candidate demonstrated the aptitude, knowledge, and discernment to continue on, so both are eliminated.

In the private sector, if a company can’t find anyone qualified to fill a skilled position, they don’t just settle for a terrible applicant with a pulse and hope for the best. Part of the reason the country is in the mess it’s in is because we’re making the same compromise over and over again, so we have a government loaded with incompetent buffoons that think that islands can tip over if too many soldiers stand on one side of it (this actually happened).

When I look back at past candidates, Bush and Romney both at least managed to get a ‘C’. McCain managed to get only a ‘D’. I voted for all of them, because they passed my minimum expectations. Bush ended up succeeding where I knew he would succeed (domestic leadership and foreign affairs), while struggling exactly where I knew he would struggle (domestic economics). Romney and McCain failed to win, so it’s an academic argument with either.

With Donald’s test results, not only do I not know what the man knows about economics, politics, international economics, domestic trade, foreign trade, or international affairs. I have no clue what he doesn’t know. At least with Hillary, I know where her weaknesses are (everywhere), but that’s not saying much for her or for Trump.

So I’m going third party, because the one thing our little thought experiment proves is, if the best we can expect from our current system is ‘C’ and ‘D’ quality candidates, then the problem isn’t the candidates, the problem is our current system.

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