A Light in the Darkness

What if there were a political party purpose built for the great philosophical hunger of our times?

Shattering the Overton Window

As both the Democratic and the Republican Party are enslaved by their political apparatus, only a third party, free of major party establishment influences, has any hope of smashing through the Overton Window for liberty.

Tug of War

The fight for conservatism has devolved into a fight for the very soul of the conservative movement.

A Short Word: Bad Polls & Worse News

This is the chance of a lifetime for people looking to end the Establishment's death grip on American politics once and for all.

A Short Word: Simple Mathematics

Here's the bad news for Donald and his insufferably ignorant supporters: the polls aren't wrong.

A Short Word: Peace In Our Time

As it turns out, Hillary Clinton's post coronation lead has legs, as she remains ahead of Donald by 6.5 points in national polls, now into the second week of August, despite continued weak economic news, her growing email scandals, and her total lack of personal likability.

A Short Word: Political Final Exams

In the private sector, if a company can't find anyone qualified to fill a skilled position, they don't just settle for a terrible applicant with a pulse and hope for the best.

A Short Word: America Lurches Leftward

The Republican Party is now firmly a center left party, with the Democrats so far to the left, they are playing in the street.

Hillary is a Return to Business as Usual

This Democratic voter strategy insures that even when the Democrats lose, the Democrat Party still wins, and even if the Republican Party wins, it still loses.

Punching Out: The Plane Is Replaceable

The GOP's strategy is a 20th Century political formula in a 21st Century world, and the GOP has finally run out of common ground issues that binds the "Rockefeller" wing and "Reagan" wing together.

A Short Word: There is a Bright Side

This is what the Founding Fathers understood so clearly, but Americans have forgotten: America is about giving people control of their own destinies.

A Short Word: The Final Nails

The GOP has one last chance to get out of their coffin before the final hammer falls, if only to save ideological conservatism.

The Grand Masquerade: Are We Better Than This?

A true liberal society, consistent with the principles of ideological conservatism, cannot remain free without leaders with the will to defend the sacred Liberty of their fellow citizens.

A Short Word: The End of Futility

It's time to focus on the horizon, not the smoldering remains of where we once were.

A Short Word: Donald Trump Can’t Help Himself

Americans, being who we are, punish poor sportsmanship wherever and whenever we see it, and this is true regardless of the right or the left.

Picking A Poison: Why Donald Trump Has Already Lost

If voters accept lying and untrustworthiness as just being part of the political game but can't see themselves putting up with four years of a rude and obnoxious loudmouth, then Hillary Clinton has already won, and we don't even need to go through the fiasco of an election.

30 Pieces of Silver

Like any economic activity, wherever there is a dollar to be made, invariably someone will eventually seek it out.

Darkest Before the Dawn

Though bleak the night may seem, we must harden ourselves for the future of America and the Constitutional Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers.

Killing Socrates: America’s Demise

There are always many more who seek the laurels of power than possess the virtue to deserve it.

What Are We Trying to Conserve?

"In some ways, the word conservative is misleading, as it implies a resistance to change. As conservatives, there is nothing we want more than change."

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.

The left has spent half a century fighting the smoke, not the fire, which is why their policies continue to fail to effectively reduce the persistent generational poverty in cities across the United States.

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