A Short Word: There is a Bright Side

There is a bright side to this election year, two really, that can be leveraged for future benefit for ideological conservatives. The civil war between moderate nationalist voters and ideological conservative voters has thrown off the veil of Leftist generalizations. For the last fifty  years, the Democratic Party has stereotyped their political opposition as fear mongering, racist, rich fat cats involved with big banks and big corporations, who put their own personal wealth before the rights of common men and women. Republican voters that didn’t fit this profile were colored as too stupid to know that they were being taken advantage of by the “one percenters“.

Unfortunately, Democrats weren’t entirely wrong. On the bright side, by virtue of fighting tooth and nail, we prove that they weren’t entirely right, either. That’s not to say ideological conservatives don’t have a lot of work ahead of us. This train wreck of an election cycle doesn’t wash out. There is, however, a very significant bright side to this botched election year, and one we dare not squander. The Democrats can’t say our love of life, liberty, and property is an act to push the interests of big banks. We believe in these virtues so much we’ll fight our own party over them.

You see it peek up from time to time, a grudging respect for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and others like them. We’re on their radars now, a giant white hot ping of liberty that they didn’t even realize was out there. They realize we’re a bigger political threat than they thought, because they know ideological conservatives actually mean our liberty message, and our liberty message is a good one. Especially now that it’s obvious their clown caravan of goodies comes with the jackbooted tyranny of government policing.

This is what the Founding Fathers understood so clearly, but Americans have forgotten: America is about giving people control of their own destinies. No, we don’t give any hand outs or build shelters in the squalor. What we do is throw open the gates to the prison and build roads toward prosperity. We know that it’s not government’s job to provide for the needs of the people. That’s up to them. What we do is make it possible to get there. That’s our brand. That’s who we are. Embrace it. Live it. Share it.

Be brave. Be free.

Liberty is For The Win!

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