A Short Word: The End of Futility

It's time to focus on the horizon, not the smoldering remains of where we once were.

A Short Word: Donald Trump Can’t Help Himself

Americans, being who we are, punish poor sportsmanship wherever and whenever we see it, and this is true regardless of the right or the left.

Trump’s Titanic: Into the Icebergs

Like the Titanic, Trump's name will soon become synonymous with ghastly incompetence and foolish bravado.

A Short Word: Why the “Middle Class Voter” is Insane

As much fun as wasting precious days of our lives pushing a repugnant, center left moderate Republican in another doomed election would be, ideological conservatives have better things to do.

Picking A Poison: Why Donald Trump Has Already Lost

If voters accept lying and untrustworthiness as just being part of the political game but can't see themselves putting up with four years of a rude and obnoxious loudmouth, then Hillary Clinton has already won, and we don't even need to go through the fiasco of an election.

30 Pieces of Silver

Like any economic activity, wherever there is a dollar to be made, invariably someone will eventually seek it out.

Requiem for The Republican Party

While the nationalist may believe that even the private interest is, in fact, national, there is nothing more fundamentally un-American.

Economics Speed Round: June 2016

Unfortunately, the stage is set for a recession. Brace yourselves.

A Short Word: Why NeverTrump?

The result of such a decision is as functionally irrelevant as the choice between being shot in the left temple as opposed to in the right temple.

A Short Word: Vote For Liberty

We don't wait for other people to come along to save us. We aren't victims. We're doers. We're not waiters. We're makers. We're not voters. We're builders.

A Short Word: An Unpopular Truth

We are beset by a tyranny of ignorance the likes of which the nation hasn't seen since Obama's reelection campaign.

A Short Word: A Modest Proposalish

This is clearly the perfect solution to the gun violence problem as well as practically any other kind of violence.

The Supreme Law of the Land

An America without Natural Law is not America at all and no different than the ages of nations that have come before nor those that will come after.

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