Trump’s Titanic: Into the Icebergs

The morning of April 10th, 1912 was chilly and overcast in Southampton, England when the R.M.S. Titanic began taking on her passengers for what would be her first and final voyage. After two port calls in Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland, she steamed out into the Atlantic Ocean on her way to New York City. By sunrise of the 15th, more than 1,500 of her roughly 2,200 passengers and crew were dead, drowned in the icy North Atlantic waters or dragged down with the hull to the lightless depths of the ocean floor.

The Titanic crew received several warnings a day of the danger ahead. While the crew were aware of the icebergs, they did not believe the icebergs posed any threat to the ship. Like so many seamen and engineers of the era, the Captain of the ship, Edward John Smith, was so sure of the invincibility of the engineering of Titanic and ships of the era, he once boasted that “these vessels could be cut in halves and each half would remain afloat indefinitely.” He paid for that boast with his life, going down with the Titanic with honor.

Through the benefit of hindsight, we can see each mistake that lead inexorably to the horror of the Titanic. What ultimately killed all of those people was not an iceberg or the engineering, but the oldest enemy of humanity from the darkest misty chapters of our past. It was hubris that claimed the life of every poor soul swept into the cold depths of the Atlantic. When a body forgets his or her mortality and steps too close to the jaws of fate, many find too late their return ticket is void. Only a fool survives and remains convinced of his invincibility.

“Do you see, you gods of sea and sky?
I conquered Troy. Me Odysseus, a mortal
man of flesh and blood and bone and mind!
I do not need you now, I can do anything.”
-Odysseus, The Odyssey-

The Republican Party finds itself boarding the Trump Titanic, and the same illusion of invincibility is being coined by his sycophantic supporters. Warnings of dangerous waters ahead fall on deaf ears, as the Trump Titanic barrels full steam ahead into the night. No matter how ardent we plea for caution and just a moment’s doubt, none among Trump’s supporters, his closest advisors, nor even Trump himself seems at all to care. Why? Because he is invincible.

What proof do they have of his invincibility? Because he won only 45% of the popular vote during the GOP Primaries. Because he managed to win a majority of pledged delegates by states clinging to backward all or nothing contest rules. Because his largest wins of state delegation sizes come from states like California and New England that a GOP candidate hasn’t won in over a generation. Now Trump is polling below 40% against Hillary Clinton, his campaign funds are almost exhausted, and the RNC coffers are empty. What is Trump’s reaction? Double down and full steam ahead.

The GOP is in open mutiny and for good reason. The common sense that saves us from the jaws of fate by steering us into safer waters is wailing in our ears. We see the icebergs on the horizon, and we know the danger they pose. We are not fooled by Trump’s illusory invincibility, so we’re already in the life boats and rowing away. For those that are foolish enough to stay aboard Trump’s Titanic until the gory end, there is no saving them. Ours will be to survive and tell the tale.

“Deeply regret advise you Titanic sank this morning
after collision iceberg, resulting serious loss life
particulars later. Bruce Ismay”
-Bruce Ismay-

Donald Trump is so convinced of his own cult of personality that he truly believes in his own invincibility. In his own skewed perception, every failure in his life has been the fault of not himself or his blow-hard, ill-tempered, foolhardiness, but ever because of the duplicitous forces that have worked against his self proclaimed “genius“. Trump’s total lack of self awareness or accountability will take the entire GOP down with him. Like the Titanic, Trump’s name will soon become synonymous with ghastly incompetence and foolish bravado.

Being a Trump“, for those of us that realized early on that Trump was an incoherent mess of bombastic empty rhetoric, will encompass how Trump has managed to fool people into believing in his own self-deluding mythology. There is no doubt that the one thing Trump takes seriously above all other things is “being a Trump“. Trump’s Titanic is already taking on water. There’s no saving it now. If the conservative movement is to survive, then we must abandon Trump’s ship of fools and seek a Captain and crew, who clearly see and respect the political sea and her many perils.

Only then can we can chart a new course, guided by principle and virtue so we may “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity“.

Be Brave. Be Free.

Liberty is For The Win!

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