A Short Word: The Conservative Party Platform

If throwing out the rules and starting over is what it takes to achieve a just government, then that's what a just people do.

A Short Word: America Lurches Leftward

The Republican Party is now firmly a center left party, with the Democrats so far to the left, they are playing in the street.

Hillary is a Return to Business as Usual

This Democratic voter strategy insures that even when the Democrats lose, the Democrat Party still wins, and even if the Republican Party wins, it still loses.

A Short Word: Silly Rabbit…

Only Donald Trump is allowed to speak truth to power in the Republican Party now.

A Short Word: A New Conservative Party

It is time to set ablaze the groaning garbage heap that the Republican Party has become, if only to create the political space necessary for a new conservative party to bloom.

Punching Out: The Plane Is Replaceable

The GOP's strategy is a 20th Century political formula in a 21st Century world, and the GOP has finally run out of common ground issues that binds the "Rockefeller" wing and "Reagan" wing together.

A Short Word: Tearing Down The Wall

Ideological conservatives must separate themselves from the philosophical barbarism of nationalists, because we ultimately have nothing in common with their brand of blind nationalist collectivist nativism.

A Short Word: There is a Bright Side

This is what the Founding Fathers understood so clearly, but Americans have forgotten: America is about giving people control of their own destinies.

A Short Word: The Final Nails

The GOP has one last chance to get out of their coffin before the final hammer falls, if only to save ideological conservatism.

The Grand Masquerade: Are We Better Than This?

A true liberal society, consistent with the principles of ideological conservatism, cannot remain free without leaders with the will to defend the sacred Liberty of their fellow citizens.

Economics Speed Round: July 2016

The bottom line is that while the jobs number for June seems strong, it is accompanied by enough asterisks that excitement over it should be well tempered.

A Short Word: Doing What is Necessary

It's time to do what is necessary. The adults have to be grown ups and protect the childish from themselves.

Put Skin in the Game

We must play the game that they play. We must fight the way they fight. We must put just as much skin in the game as the left does.

Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots

"Does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?" Or does it hangs over the funeral procession of long dead Liberty with scavengers picking over her still corpse as we watch in silent horror, yet do nothing.

A Short Word: Have a True Independence Day

Each and every individual must decide whether they are a free person, "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights", or if they are a subject of the government of the United States.

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