A Short Word: Doing What is Necessary

The country is nearing $20,000,000,000,000.00 (this is what trillion looks like) in debt. An amount of debt that exceeds what the entire US economy generates in a year. The US government spends hundreds of billions more than it takes in, financing it by taking out more and more debt, with the illusion that the United States will ever be able to pay back even a fraction of the debt we have outstanding, while never actually living within the confines of national revenues.

Meanwhile, the Constitution has become a punchline in Washington, D.C., because politicians have caught on that the voting majority hasn’t even read the Constitution in a hundred years. Since Americans never demand Constitutional governance, they don’t get it, and yet they are eternally surprised by the excesses of the very government they don’t pay attention to, except when they are told to pay attention by the main stream media.

Meanwhile, the federal government is so dysfunctional, it can’t even secure the border against unarmed immigrants ignoring our borders by the thousands every day. Among those thousands are more than a few Muslim Jihadists, who are infiltrating America, committing heinous acts of violence against the civilian populace that the government insists should be disarmed, so they can be completely defenseless.

Meanwhile, the US economy continues to flounder, edging ever closer to yet another recession, barely having recovered from the recession from eight years ago and millions of working age Americans still out of work. Washington has offered stimulus program after stimulus program, and nothing changes, except even more deficits, even more debt, and, worst of all, even more government. When the kitchen is already flooded, the bureaucrats propose turning on even more faucets.

Meanwhile, the primary election season spotlighted exactly how deeply entrenched political money is with the mainstream media, with the media giving free time to the wealthiest candidates in the race. Even after many Americans demanded a change from the status quo, we end up with two morally bankrupt Establishment cronies who have spent decades in each other’s pockets. Is this different?

We’ve ended up with a choice between the face of unaccountable government and the guy that wrote checks to her and people like her for decades as our choices. Does anyone really wonder why we are losing the Culture War? The lowest common denominator on the right has put forth, as their candidate, a reality television business man that quotes, as authoritative, stories from the National Enquirer and retweets racist fascist propaganda.

Are American conservatives really this stupid? We really can’t afford to be. Especially not now, when the country and even fundamental Liberty are on the razor’s edge between today and tomorrow. It’s time to do what is necessary. The adults have to be grown ups and protect the childish from themselves. Even if it means cutting ties with Trump’s demographic, who have done nothing but damage the conservative brand for decades.

Dump Trump.

Liberty is For The Win!

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