America’s Epidemic of Stupid and Crazy

We are watching in real time the demise of our republic, succumbing to the poison of the lowest common denominator politics of democracy.

Manifest Hypocrisy: Matthew Whitaker

If we still lived in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we'd toss all of these it out and start anew.

Not the Freedom You’re Looking For

Did the Framers truly intend to condemn us to this charade of taxation, regulation, and coercive enforcement of "do as we say or else"?

The Dangers of a More Perfect Union

We must always be on guard against the 3 greatest threats of "a more perfect Union": Bigotry, Utopianism, and Absolutism.

The Cracks Begin to Show

If history teaches us anything, it's that the very things that may make something popular are also often the very things that make it wrong.

Cry Wolf and He Will Come

In a nation founded by daring to question centuries old political and cultural assumptions at the heart of society, how have we become a nation so ready to cry wolf at the barest scent of nonconformity?

The Culture War: Raising the Bar

When the large majority of Americans once again understand that we are all moral equals, no more or less entitled to the same rights and no more or less encumbered by the same duties, then we will achieve the society that we seek.

The Vilest Lie and Darkest Deceit

Only "country" is evoked almost as often as god among the smoldering rubble of mankind's bloodshed and mayhem.

Pomp, Adulation, and Avarice

The Republic has been through this fire before and need not go through it again.

In the Shadow of Terror’s Reign

In the fanatical heights of the Revolution, the Jacobins abandoned all middle ground positions, embraced absolutism to whatever political fever suited them at the time, and betrayed the very principles they claimed to be defending.

Conservative Party Now, Seriously

So what is going to happen? If anything is going to happen at all, we will need a functional, "big tent, firm foundation" political party that represents the values of enough Americans to gain political efficacy, in the next four to eight years.

The Bulwarks of Western Civilization

The Crusades were a long overdue, albeit imperfect, response to four centuries of millions of Christians being murdered, raped, and enslaved by Islamic Jihadism and cemented the Western European identity.

A Short Word: Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat

I could spend days going through the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of tweets these lunatics spewed forth, but it only takes one to sum the movement up nicely.

A Short Word: What Comes Next

Newsflash, our Natural Law rights to speech, to religion, to assembly, to association, to contract, to keep and bear arms aren't granted to you by the United States Constitution, friends.

A Short Word: The Conservative Party Platform

If throwing out the rules and starting over is what it takes to achieve a just government, then that's what a just people do.

A Short Word: A New Conservative Party

It is time to set ablaze the groaning garbage heap that the Republican Party has become, if only to create the political space necessary for a new conservative party to bloom.

A Short Word: Doing What is Necessary

It's time to do what is necessary. The adults have to be grown ups and protect the childish from themselves.

Put Skin in the Game

We must play the game that they play. We must fight the way they fight. We must put just as much skin in the game as the left does.

Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots

"Does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?" Or does it hangs over the funeral procession of long dead Liberty with scavengers picking over her still corpse as we watch in silent horror, yet do nothing.

A Short Word: Have a True Independence Day

Each and every individual must decide whether they are a free person, "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights", or if they are a subject of the government of the United States.

A Short Word: The End of Futility

It's time to focus on the horizon, not the smoldering remains of where we once were.

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