America’s Epidemic of Stupid and Crazy

Let’s be serious, for a second. We always knew Trump’s supporters were never actually going to read the Mueller Report. Even the ones who pretended to care about Mueller’s investigation and didn’t want Trump to interfere with it aren’t going to read it.

Barr’s grossly dishonest summary of the Mueller Report is as good as gospel to the Trumplings, which should also surprise no one. We could waste a lot of time parsing their excuses for not reading it, but it’s clear at this point what the reason is… 

Trump supporters are tiresomely superstitious, brutally incurious, dogmatically stupid, and unfathomably crazy partisans, who have no business in a voting booth in any capacity outside of voting for the House of Representatives per the Framer’s intent.

No, it’s not politically correct, but, don’t get me wrong, I’m of the opinion that rank and file leftists shouldn’t vote outside of for the House of Representatives either. They clearly suffer from the same kinds of mental maladies as the Trump supporting right.

From a standpoint of being supported by even passing scrutiny of the basic facts, it’s totally uncontroversial. The vast majority of people on the right and the left are demonstrably incompetent for the purposes of politics and civil administration.

What they believe is far more often an accident of their social upbringing rather than the product of a reasoned progression of supporting assertions building toward a logical conclusion. They believe what they have always believed, without questioning.

There is simply no purchase for the principles of civics or philosophy in their fevered and infertile skulls, because they mistake unquestioning conviction as being socially good and doubting criticism as being socially evil. Debate itself is itself heresy.

Given unchecked political power, both Trumplings and Leftists would hand us all over to the perverse authority of the State for thought crimes of faction and dissent against their preferred ideologies, even though they themselves can’t fully understand them.

We are watching in real time the demise of our republic, succumbing to the poison of the lowest common denominator politics of democracy. The only viable cure is politically nonviable, so we will watch the United States slowly swirl down the toilet.

Or is there an alternative? What percent of the population has even heard of the “philosopher king“? I don’t advocate for a return to the system of monarchism or aristocracy, of course, but rather the political philosophy of “rule by the wise“.

Does there exist an arrangement of governmental affairs that creates the best chance of if not the brightest, at least the wisest are sent to Washington? I argue that arrangement of government already exists, albeit not explicitly, within our Constitution.

The separation of franchise from the Senate and the Executive was intended to leave the election of the Senators and the president in the hands of the accomplished statesmen, by specifically keeping them out of the grubby hands of the mewling masses.

The House of Representatives was (and still is) the horse barn of government, filled with men and women picked by the hicks and rubes of the American public, counter-balanced by the statesmen of Senate and the veto of the president. Why did that change?

The answer is the idiocy of Progressivism. The far left believed that everyone, especially the working class, should have equal political voice in every part of government, mainly because it benefited them, but do they still feel the same way in the era of Trump?

Do they think even the hayseeds tearing around in their pick-up trucks plastered with Trump stickers should have unchecked influence in the halls of government? Now that the blue collar working class broke ranks with the left to support Trump?

Is the left at long last (but still far too late) in danger of realizing the reason the Framers created two chambers of Congress? Can we finally begin to talk about restoring the Constitution to its original intent, so We the People can protect us from ourselves?

Liberty is For The Win!

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