Trigger Warning: Activism Is Not Science

The constant media coverage of weather events and protests about "climate change" may be news (albeit irresponsible), but one thing that it certainly is not is "climate science".

Hysteria Is Not Science. It’s Hysteria.

It's manufactured mass hysteria, and the alarmists know it.

Fact: Children Aren’t Climate Scientists

Does anyone else see the inherent problem with allowing naive children to dictate international politics?

Climate Alarmism Washes Out Again

So can we finally take our foot off of the global warming alarmism pedal, at least for a while, and get back to the serious science?

Global Warming Alarmists Continue to be Alarmed Despite Science

Until climate scientists can speak with absolute certainty as to the causes and the processes of our climate, they should keep their opinions about their nonsense science to themselves.

The Climate Change Scam Is Destroying the Environment

The problem for climate alarmists and environmentalists is the inescapable economic conundrum posed by opportunity cost.

Trigger Warning: Climate Change Busting

The greenies want us all to believe that, clearly, the world is coming to an end, and it's all our fault. Then there's reality.

Cooling Down Climate Change Alarmism

The only thing I find surprising at all is that anyone still finds such obviously weak arguments at all compelling, however, there are always many people who find blatantly fallacious arguments compelling.

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