Global Warming Alarmists Continue to be Alarmed Despite Science

The largest industrial expansion in the world occurred after World War II, during the reconstruction period from 1945 through 1975. Not only did the United States pump out more CO2 and other so called greenhouse gases than ever before in its history, the amount of such gases produced in Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, and the Soviet Union continued to grow substantially throughout this period as the productive capabilities of the great powers across continental Eurasia and the Pacific returned to pre-War levels.

Meanwhile, mean global temperatures did not increase in any statistically significant fashion during this period. Case closed, right? Well, for a rational person, it would be, but, when it comes to the Global Warming alarmist left, this isn’t enough, so we’re forced to go even further in order to demolish the Global Warming hysteria.

From 1980 through 1998, there were documented increases in recorded mean global temperatures. This was, after all, the period of time that sparked the entire hysteria cult in the first place. Then from about 1998 until the 2015, mean global temperatures simply stopped increasing. This lack of significant increase of mean global temperatures came despite significant expansion of industrial capacity in China and India, with the former infamously producing “catastrophic” amounts of greenhouse gases and other air pollution.

To explain away the utterly inexplicable increase and then a pause while the cause, greenhouse gases, were conspicuously still being belched into the air in greater and greater amounts, the Alarmists have resorted to an extreme sort of slight of hand. Since 2015, as mean global temperatures have once again begun to climb, the Global Warming cult has returned to their public hysteria, however, in doing so, they leave out two very crucial points:

  1. The climate crackpots have been changing methodologies for collecting data steadily during the last thirty years. Changing methodologies in the middle of an experiment is absolutely unacceptable in science. The fastest way to destroy your experimental credibility is to change how you measure your results during your experiment. This isn’t my opinion. It’s the scientific method.
  2. The climate crackpots haven’t actually established that the increases in temperature are statistically significant. If we’re to believe the climate cult’s hysterics, then the mean global temperature has increased all of 0.9º C in almost 80 years. For this to be significant, we must accept that both 15.0º C (the mean global temperature in 1939) is the proper temperature for the entire planet and that a 6% increase is significant, while assuming Centigrade is even the proper measure, because that 6% increase in Centigrade is only 2.7% change in Fahrenheit and an only 0.3% change in Kelvin.

The fact is, there is still a lot we simply do not understand about our planet, including what its mean global temperature should actually be, or if it should be any temperature at all. Until climate scientists can speak with absolute certainty as to the causes and the processes of our climate, they should keep their opinions about their nonsense science to themselves. I know for certain, however, that there’s a 0% chance of them doing this, because there’s money to be had from gullible activists, politicians, and media.

In the end, to the people who are interested in constraining the economic liberties of individuals around the world, facts simply have never mattered and never will.

Liberty is For The Win!

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