Trigger Warning: Activism Is Not Science

It’s no wonder the green left won’t shut up about climate change, because it’s constantly in the media they consume. There isn’t a day that they aren’t force fed stories about some species dying off “because of climate change“, or teenagers protesting “because of climate change“, or more (or less) severe weather occurring “because of climate change“.

The media knows that these stories get clicks from the left, and the left keep on delivering those clicks, increasing their demand for more hysteria about how everyone is going to die because global climate patterns are very slightly different this week than they were a century ago. There’s just one problem. None of this is actual science.

The constant media coverage of weather events and protests about “climate change” may be news (albeit irresponsible), but one thing that it certainly is not is “climate science“. Even major weather events, if not substantially different than prior regional weather events, aren’t even “climate change“, no matter how big of a news story they may be.

Teenagers skipping school because of how they may or may not feel about climate change is also not actually “climate science“. That’s just teenagers doing something stupid, because they lack credible authority to have an opinion over anything. What teenagers feel about climate change is not now nor will it ever be “climate science“.

And what former bartenders turned politicians, lacking any scientific credentials of any kind in the physical sciences, let alone in the fields of meteorology or climatology, may or not believe about scary weather isn’t “climate science” either. Being afraid (irrational emotion) of inclement storm is the exact opposite of rational examination (science).

As it turns out, the only thing that is “climate science” is systematic observation of the climate by scientists trained in the field rigorously reviewed and tested by their peers over the course of decades. Thanks to an idiotic and sensationalist media coupled with a leftist political apparatus obsessed with agenda pushing, that isn’t happening.

And notice that it’s only “climate science” that’s being treated this way. It’s not like medical researchers are appealing to the public to back their research. Astrophysicists aren’t appealing to politicians to push their theories or to silence opposing scientific positions. It’s only “climate science” that has been so heavily politicized.

So, sorry, climate change alarmists, only actual science is science, and the actual science does not support hysteria, but this won’t stop the media from engaging in ridiculous sensationalism. It’s certainly not going to stop ignorant primary and secondary school students from being ignorant. And politicians? Since when do they care about truth?

The global mean temperature of 2017 was lower than the global mean temperature of 2016, and the global mean temperature of 2018 was also lower than the global mean temperature of 2017. The Earth is cooling, even though CO2 emissions are increasing globally, but no one in the climate change alarmist crowd is going to tell you that.

Now why is that?

Liberty is For The Win!

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