Trigger Warning: Activism Is Not Science

The constant media coverage of weather events and protests about "climate change" may be news (albeit irresponsible), but one thing that it certainly is not is "climate science".

Trigger Warning: No, A Wall Won’t Work

The solution to problems with people is never "more government".

Trigger Warning: Your Boycott is Bogus

Unfortunately, there's bad news for those boycotting on both sides of this contentious issue: Nothing is going to change because of these childish boycotts.

Trigger Warning: The Line of Succession

If, by grace or by glory, Donald Trump is relieved of his office, it would not be Hillary Clinton's voice we hear next addressing the nation as president, but Mike Pence's.

Trigger Warning: Climate Change Busting

The greenies want us all to believe that, clearly, the world is coming to an end, and it's all our fault. Then there's reality.

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