Trigger Warning: No, A Wall Won’t Work

Dear Trumpists,

We know that you’re so emotionally attached to Trump’s presidency that you could never really think rationally about anything he has to say, but it’s time for you to get a cold dose of reality. A wall won’t work.

1) Drugs: The cartels have billions of dollars. They have airplanes, boats, and submarines, and the laws of economics mean that making it harder to get past the border via the desert only makes other avenues relatively cheaper, something they are already doing. And a wall isn’t going to stop the flow of drugs, because they have gotten very good at building tunnels.

2) Migrants: The migrants are desperate. People motivated enough to cross 3000+ miles of terrain, including jungles and deserts, simply aren’t going to let a border wall stop them. Also, in the case of asylum seekers, they are legally entitled to come to the United States to seek asylum. Walls and fences haven’t stopped these people for going on 30 years now. It’s not going to stop them now.

3) Crime: The vast majority of crime related to illegal immigrants is caused because of the government. Think about it. If someone is busy working, they usually don’t have time to commit crimes, and, in the case of legal work permits, they have something to lose if they commit a crime. As it is now, Trump’s policy makes it absolutely certain that these people will have never have anything to lose. If you stopped treating these people like animals, they would stop acting like animals.

Get it through your heads, Trumpists. The solution to problems with people is never “more government“. Government created this problem. Don’t like people coming here from government handouts? Then stop government handouts. Don’t like people coming here illegally? Then stop making it illegal. Problem solved.

If we created a cheap and legal Alien Visa system, it would be easier to keep track of resident aliens, and they’d actually have an incentive to integrate into our society and would have an easier time becoming contributing members of that society.  It’s past time we reformed our immigration laws to reflect our values.

Yours truly,

Liberty is For The Win!

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