LOL OK, Boomer

So a Trump supporter, who used to at least pretend to stand for liberty before selling out to the golden buffoon, got triggered by my post from November 10th (pictured below) and posted an unhinged rant that I won’t do the disservice to my readers of linking here.

But to demonstrate just how unhinged he’s become, he titled his article “Trump Won By A Landslide” and went on to write, “Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell has uncovered a mass scale voter fraud from democrat pushed mail-in ballots AND voting machines.

Even after Trump’s court cases fell apart, even after Giuliani posted that Powell was no longer on the Trump legal team, and even after Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan all certified Biden as the winner of their elections, this bootlick will continue to believe these idiotic and pathetic delusions. Why?

Because this Baby Boomer manchild who grew up hiding under his desks “from the Russians” is a poster child for what the Republican Party has become – a political party of the ignorant, gullible, old, out of touch, and, worst of all, dead weight to the conservative movement. As long as these people are around, stupid enough to be taken in by a spray-tanning grifter, the conservative movement is dead in the water.

Tired of winning yet, The Gormless Nationalist? OK, Boomer.

Liberty is For the Win!

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