A Short Word: America Post-Trump

While Trump supporters focus on the meager and questionable political victories of Trump’s presidency, most will be undone in 2021 as soon as the next Democratic president walks through the White House doors. The Culture War, not these meaningless policy battles, are what matters, and Trump has already lost the war.

Only a fool could look at the extreme divisions in the American electorate and think that this presidency is going well for the American right or Trump. After all, the GOP party didn’t lose control of the House of Representatives because Americans are convinced by anything Trump or the Republicans have been doing or saying for the last two years.

If anything, it’s exactly the opposite, because the Democrats ran on stopping Trump, and that alone netted them over 60 House seats in the last two election cycles. This proves the right is losing ground in regions that historically at least tolerated Republicans, even if only a moderate brand of Republican. That’s definitely not winning.

What have those of us ostensibly right of center gotten in exchange for this nonsense? ObamaCare is wounded, certainly. But repealed? Nope. Is the border secure, regardless who’s paying for it? Nope. Is there any chance USMCA will be ratified? Nope. Is America respected around the world? Don’t make me laugh.

The fact is, as conservatives, we have to begin thinking about America post-Trump. If the American right does not deal with Trump and the nationalist cancer that has taken over our philosophical messaging ourselves, then we will be fully complicit in the intellectual degeneracy of the Trumplican faction and will deserve what comes after.

The American right will soon be as good as dead, and, with it, the only legitimate moral opposition to the progressive left. All that would remain is an empty choice between the bigotry of the radical Marxist socialists and the bigotry of the extreme Nationalist socialists, and history shows us how that will end.

For now, it seems, Donald Trump and his Republican enablers seem intent on doubling down on more Twitter diplomacy and surrender any political inroads with millions of younger voters. In the off chance Trump and Republicans actually manage a lasting legacy, it’s terrifying to ponder the philosophical monsters that are creating.

Liberty is For The Win!

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