Fact: Children Aren’t Climate Scientists

In the year 1212 AD, two young men, barely more than boys, in two completely different parts of Europe, Stephen of Cloyes in France and Nicholas of Cologne in Germany, became convinced that they had been called by God to lead Crusades of unarmed young peasant men into the Holy Lands and recapture Jerusalem, not through force of arms, but by simply converting all of the Muslims to become Christians. When they sought church approval, Pope Innocent III told them to go home.

Without approval, supplies, expertise, funding, or even a workable plan, Stephen and Nicholas, convinced that everything would work out anyway, led their tens of thousands of teenage followers on a wannabe Crusade anyway, and it went about as well as you’d expect. According to historical reports, many of these kids drowned at sea, died of starvation and exposure in the Alps, or ended up sold into slavery. One thing that’s absolutely clear is they didn’t get anywhere near Jerusalem.

So now a 16 year old girl from Sweden, who knows absolutely nothing about climate science, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for advocating that children around the world, who also conspicuously know absolutely nothing about climate science, skip school to convince politicians, who know nothing about climate science, to “do something” about climate change. Does anyone else see the inherent problem with allowing naive children to dictate international politics?

Nevermind that, according to NASA, the global mean surface temperature in 2018 was lower than the global mean surface temperatures of 2015, 2016, and 2017. No, we must only care about what some clueless 16 year old, white, European girl says, because this is the state of climate change alarmism today. I’m sorry, but it is beyond absurd that anyone should have to take seriously a young woman who doesn’t even know how to drive a car. Her opinion is totally irrelevant to the issue.

In the next few years, the drop in global mean surface temperatures mentioned earlier may, at least according to current solar science hypothesis, continue a downward trend that astronomers believe may lead to decades, if not centuries, of global cooling. Fortunately, there’s no immediate way for the lunatic green left to politicize decreased sun activity, at least not in the middle of this children’s climate change crusade, but don’t worry. Give them a few years, and they’ll be at it again.

Liberty is For The Win! 

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