Chasing Valhalla: Trumpism Exposed

Though it seems like “racism is unequivocally evil” should be a pretty straight forward message for any major political party in the United States to communicate, the Republican Party has still managed to fail utterly. The evidence is plastered all over the news, from Cesar Sayoc’s pipebombs to white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville. White ethno-bigotry is on the rise in America thanks to Trump.

It’s not just in America, either. On March 15th, a white nationalist walked into a mosque in New Zealand and murdered 49 unarmed people simply for being Muslim. While he and his accomplices were captured alive and will stand trial for their crimes for the world to see, the racism apologists in the Republican Party are already trying to put distance between this nutjob and the president.

Unfortunately for the Republican jerk parade, among the sociopath’s pseudo-intellectual racist manifesto was a line praising Donald Trump “as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose“. Even if the sociopath is wrong, it’s clear that Trump’s public rhetoric has been ambiguous enough that the white ethno-bigots believe Trump and, by extension, the Republican Party are on their side.

How exactly does this happen? Well, maybe it has something to do with how the GOP has been pushing the same anti-Islam, anti-immigrant, and anti-trade rhetoric as the white nationalists for years? For example, Trump’s first year in office was focused on trying to make it illegal for Muslims to come into the United States, with Trump initially admitting his travel ban was specifically targeting Muslims.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ever since Trump came down his golden escalator to announce his campaign of bigotry and stupidity, he’s been spewing anti-immigrant and anti-trade protectionist rhetoric nonstop. The Republican political rhetoric might as well have been pulled verbatim from white nationalist political rallies, right down to demonizing immigrants as “criminal foreign invaders“.

Putting little children in cages while their parents languish in jails is right out of fascist authoritarian playbooks. Emphasizing the “foreign” as being hostile to the “domestic” pairs up almost exactly with the racist political agenda of white nationalism. Even if we dismiss Michael Cohen claims that Trump is a racist and Omarosa Newman’s claims that Trump is a racist, the racists think that Trump is one of them.

Worse, the racists not only believe that Trump is a racist, they believe his presidency validates their idiotic beliefs, and, so long as Trump remains in office, they will continue to act upon this assumption. Judging by all that’s happen in just the two years this incompetent, bigoted buffoon has been in office, we’re seeing only the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a long dark period in history.

Liberty is For The Win!

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