The Bulwarks of Western Civilization

The thunder of hooves echoed upon the cobblestones of the Vatican plaza. The horses bore the dust of the 1300 miles between Rome and Constantinople, carrying a contingent of ambassadors and their guards representing the Byzantine Emperor, Alexios I. As they dismounted their horses, they are greeted by priests and monks of the Church then taken inside to rest. All across Europe, in capitals near and far, this scene is repeated over and over. The year is 1095 AD.

The Byzantine Empire had been at war with the Seljuk Turks for thirty years, and, after a devastating series of losses, Emperor Alexios I sought the aid of the Catholic Church and the kingdom territories of Western Europe. The situation had become dire, with a Muslim capital established in Niceae, less than 60 miles from the Byzantine Imperial seat in Constantinople. At Piacenza, Italy, the Byzantine ambassadors made their plea before Pope Urban II and the 400 gathered Bishops and thousands of laymen who had come to the participate in the council. Would Christendom answer the call for aid?

At the height of the Roman Empire around 300 AD, the entire Mediterranean Sea was surrounded on all sides by the Roman Empire. Christianity became the State religion of Rome in 380 AD. The Cross rose above territories from as far north as Britain to as far south as Egypt, and from as far west as Portugal to as far east as Syria. In the 7th Century, Islam was born and immediately went to unending war with every civilization it came into contact with. By the time Alexios’ ambassadors rode into Rome in early 1095, two-thirds of Christian territory had been lost to Muslim and Norman conquest.

In 1096, after four centuries of losses of both territory and unknown numbers of lives, with constant coastal raids by Muslim pirates, Christendom went on Crusade against Islam. After initial successes, securing the Christian Outremer kingdoms in the Middle East, the sheer distance from Europe proved the single largest obstacle to the Crusaders. In 1291 AD, nearly two centuries later, the last Crusader secured city of Acre fell once again under Muslim rule, effectively marking the end of the Crusades into the Levant.

Though the Crusades into the Middle East ultimately failed to achieve their goal of recapturing the Holy Land, they succeeded in defending both the Christian Faith and the European civilization from total obliteration. In the west, the Spanish Reconquista continued, driving out the last remnants of Muslim control of Western Europe in 1492 AD, three-hundred and ninety-three years after the death of Pope Urban II. And though the Byzantine Empire had fallen to the Ottoman Empire forty years earlier, what we consider western civilization had been saved.

“Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
(Kill them all. God knows those that are His.)”
-Arnaud Amalric, Crusader-

I begin with this story, because it sheds light on the realities of the late medieval era as well as the heart of character of the men who journeyed thousands of miles from home to fight in the Crusades. The Crusades were a long overdue, albeit imperfect, response to four centuries of millions of Christians being murdered, raped, and enslaved by Islamic Jihadism and cemented the Western European identity. And even today, untold thousands continue to die in the name of Islam every year. Let’s not mince words: Islam was, is, and shall always be a threat to Western Civilization, unless it is reformed. However…

Whatever threat Islam poses to the west, the benighted idiocy of the so-called “alt-right” cannot be the answer. As they mount yet another social media campaign, with a whole new hashtag: “#AltRenaissance“, the dumpster fire of self congratulating imbecility has reaching a fevered pitch for a movement spewing the political doctrines of the most evil of fascist ideologies from the 20th Century, all while backing a candidate losing every single battleground state, while he desperately needs to win practically all of them to have a chance to win in November.

These impotent, passive aggressive, effeminate men hiding behind anime avatars of Japanese girls sporting Nazi flags claim that they are somehow “defenders of (white) western civilization“. This is patently ridiculous. I can absolutely guarantee with 100% certainty that posting memes on Twitter complaining about social justice warriors, whining about nonexistent “white genocide“, and ceaseless trolling does exactly nothing to protect western civilization against Jihadism. Do these infantile little boys know how many young women they stopped from being raped by posting their frog memes and Donald Trump propaganda? Zero.

I invite these “heroes of the west” to scrape the $1,000 together and buy a one way ticket to Israel and join the actual real life and death fight against Islam. If they are too anti-Semitic to fight for Israel, they can always join the Kurds in their fight against the “Islamic Caliphate“. They can even organize a bunch of their Call of Duty buddies, get a GoFundMe started and go there by themselves. Nobody is stopping them. Needless to say, I won’t be holding my breath for any of these keyboard warriors to do anything of the sort.

It’s time this X-Box generation of infantile manchilds either put up or shut up. Either or, ideological conservatives will retain our dignity and go about the business of fighting for our culture like civilized adults. We focus on the People of the United States and not worry about the long overdue collapse of European civilization, which has been rotting from within for the better part of the last century. We have a Constitution and our very Liberty to defend at home. All else comes second.

Be Brave. Be Free.


Liberty is For The Win!

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