A Short Word: A New Conservative Party

It required the destruction of both the Whig and Free Soil political parties in the furnace of the 1850’s to produce a soft spoken yet resolute candidate of such personal character and philosophical clarity he saved the Republic from a bloody Civil War and emancipated the slaves. He achieved these goals steeled ideological vision, not politically expedient compromises. For his accomplishments, he was gunned down by an assassin’s bullet, late one night in Ford’s Theater. This quiet and honest man died three hours later, in a small apartment across the street.

One hundred and twenty years later, the same party again produced a candidate of clear ideological vision, gifted with personal charm and moral clarity. He dealt the final blows to the tyranny of Russia’s soviet socialism that had enslaved eastern Europe for two generations, not by the détente of low expectations, but by championing the ideology of freedom. He survived an attempt on his life only through the personal sacrifice of Secret Service agents sworn to protect him and the surgeons who saved him.

Thirty six years later, the same party has produced a candidate who reflects not the virtue of his political predecessors but instead the political expediency drenched in murky moral relativism of 21st Century American politics. Devoid of personal honor, this petty and malicious man has won the banner of the party through brute deceit and repulsive slander of his political rivals, forever destroying the credibility of the political party and our movement. For this he will undoubtedly live a long and comfortable life, so often insured by his brand of moral cowardice.

We deserve better than this. It is time to set ablaze the groaning garbage heap that the Republican Party has become, if only to create the political space necessary for a new conservative party to bloom. We must break free of the web of compromised virtues and sacrificed ideals supporting the Establishment and at last do what is necessary. Only when we are free of the political baggage of a century of backroom deals do we stand a chance of saving our country.

The fall of the Republican Party is not an end. It is a beginning.

Be brave. Be free.

Liberty is For The Win!

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