A Short Word: Silly Rabbit…

Only Donald Trump is allowed to speak truth to power in the Republican Party now. When Ted Cruz, the junior senator from the State of Texas and late presidential candidate that Donald Trump said he looked forward to debating mano y mano until, apparently, that opportunity actually presented itself, spoke at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, having been personally invited to do so by Donald Trump. Everyone was shocked when Ted Cruz did not do what he said he would not do and conspicuously failed to endorse the GOP’s candidate, Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz even went so far as to say “vote your conscience”! Obviously by now, Mr. Cruz should know that “vote your conscience” is not allowed speech in the Republican Party. No, sir. Donald and his team had even made sure to review Ted Cruz’s speech ahead of the convention, just to make sure that the firebrand Senator would be well received, obviously. However, even after this generous censorship, Ted Cruz’s speech elicited boos from the Trump supporters in the Republican crowd.

Ted Cruz’s statements have started a wild fire in the press, as they remembered that he’s one of the few GOP politicians with the audacity to hold to his personal principles. Even in the “anti-PC” Republican Party, many people were deeply triggered by Cruz’s words. They could not believe the first term junior senator, who made a name for himself by calling out the leadership of both the DNC and the GOP on their establishment nonsense, would dare call out the GOP leadership and Donald Trump for their establishment nonsense.

Clearly Mr. Cruz didn’t get the memorandum that Donald Trump sent his Establishment Card™ off to be polished years ago, so he is not presently a card carrying member of the Establishment. In fact, it has been almost three years since he gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and anti-Tea Party political committees. No, it’s time that Mr. Cruz learned that his taking on the Establishment is all well and good in the United States Senate, but in the hallowed halls of the GOP convention, it’s all about “getting in line and vote for the party nominee“.

Sure, the new boss is the same as the old boss, but Donald Trump has a far bigger and far more luxurious ring for everyone to kiss. Just ask his his barely literate, semi-educated, plagiarist, gold digging, registered Democrat wife, whose major accomplishments include posing nude in various men’s magazines. No, it’s clear that Mr. Cruz hasn’t learned that America does not “vote your conscience” anymore. Americans vote for celebrity these days, and, failing that, we vote for one of the two major political party candidates.

Americans don’t have consciences, after all. Everybody knows that. Americans get in line and vote the way we are told to vote. Other than Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who votes their consciences? Nobody. There’s no coloring outside the lines in Trump’s America, no, sir!

Liberty is For The Win!

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