A Short Word: The End of Futility

Try as we might, there is no argument that will convince Donald Trump’s supporters to stop supporting him. This isn’t to say there aren’t good arguments, because there are actually many astoundingly good arguments against Donald’s candidacy that are not only compelling but actually logically coherent. The problem isn’t how rational, reasonable, or factual these arguments are. The problem is that arguments do not apply in situations where emotion is the driving factor in decision making, and emotion is definitely the driving factor in this year’s election.

Donald’s supporters are motivated by a hot cocktail of fear and loathing. They are terrified of losing something, though what that something is depends on which one of them you ask. Some are afraid of losing their vaguely defined “freedom“, while others are afraid of losing their “country“. There is a sizable minority that are afraid of losing their sense of ethnic “white superiority” to ethnic minorities, demographically or economically. Their bone chilling fear is fueling a white hot rage directed at the Republican Party, who they blame for allowing all of this to come to pass.

Here we are, dealing with a critical election that is ours to lose and a shrieking mob, billowing with angst the likes of which puts teenagers to shame. The prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency is nonstarter, but what do we do when Donald’s supporters have convinced themselves that burning down the GOP down and and running left on almost every issue somehow harms the Democratic Party candidate? There is no accord to be reached with people that support someone burning our only home to the ground to spite the neighbors. That’s not only just irrational. It’s plain stupid.

We need to start thinking about doing what’s best for ourselves. We see and recognize the obvious peril that Donald Trump and his supporters represent. We have the presence of mind to step away from both and establish a new political party that actually represents our principles. We should not waste any more time arguing with incoherently angry people. It’s time to focus on the horizon, not the smoldering remains of where we once were.

It’s time to cut ties and walk away. Walk with me now, and let’s talk about the future of the ideological conservative movement together.

Be Brave. Be Free.

Liberty is For The Win!

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