The Grand Masquerade: Are We Better Than This?

As the battle for the White House has simultaneously captured and exhausted the attention of voters on both the left and the right, the political issues driving the angst of the two major parties are unusual in that they demonstrate just how blind to the very serious challenges that America faces in the 21st Century. Largely uneducated and inexperienced voters have dominated the campaign seasons, energized by grotesque, aging rodeo clown caricatures of the worst party stereotypes imaginable.

On the left, Bernie Sanders is exactly the personification of the aging, white, far left socialist populists that Republicans fear are trying to drag the country down into a swirling toilet bowl of a socialist government dystopia. The Republican Party has spend every waking hour of the past century trying to paint the entire DNC as some caricature of Bernie Sanders. Through brute force of ideology, he has captured the emotional and intellectually bankrupt wing of the party, openly advertising an unabashed far left socialist dogma that make even his fellow Democrats blush.

On the “right” (used very loosely here), Donald Trump is exactly the personification of the aging, white, crony corporatist, fear-mongering nationalist populists that the Democrats fear are trying to drag the country down into a swirling toilet bowl of a corporatist government dystopia. The Democrats have spent every waking hour of the past century trying to paint the entire GOP as some caricature of Donald Trump, and through brute force of celebrity, he has captured the emotional and intellectually bankrupt wing of the party, bellowing incoherent ideas so aberrant that he’s chasing ideological conservatives out of the GOP.

The masks are off of the parties, perhaps not what they were, but definitely who they’re becoming. The only question is what will be the fall out of this unmasking?

“Damn you!
You little prying Pandora
You little demon
Is this what you wanted to see?
Curse you, you little lying Delilah!
You little viper
Now you cannot ever be free!
Damn you, curse you…”
-Phantom, Phantom of the Opera-

The Democratic Party’s super delegate system, ridiculous as it is, actually served its purpose. It protected the Democratic Party from nominating a candidate that candidly speaks about what the party is becoming about. Through their electoral duplicity, they’ve hastily thrown a tarp over the crazed radical left wing of their party and dragged it, kicking and screaming, into their ideological basement, so they can continue to effusively point out how wonderfully normal and mainstream Hillary Clinton is without distraction.

Meanwhile, it will take a full blown revolt at the Republican Party’s national convention to put down their foul mouthed, drunken carnival barker at a time the American public is literally desperate for any alternative to Hillary Clinton. Even many of Donald Trump’s supporters freely admit their sole reason for supporting him is their opposition to Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, that’s not a compelling reason to vote for his tabloid campaign for anyone with honor or dignity remaining after this rolling dumpster fire of a primary.

Do these two people, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump truly represent who we are as a Republic? Is this who we’ve become? For our highest office in the land, one where the final decision on every high matter of State must fall, we entrust our fate to the judgment of an amoral, pathological psychopath whose life and career are strewn with the literal dead bodies of “friends” and associates or a vacuous, superficial aging party boy whose only life long cohorts are as morally repugnant as he is? These are the faces of our values?

“Brutus, thou sleep’st. Awake, and see thyself.
Shall Rome, etc. Speak, strike, redress!

-Brutus, Julius Caesar-

As ideological conservatives, we have no sway over the machinations of the Democratic Party, for better or for worse. Sadly, they do not seek our counsel when they do anything, let alone select their presidential nominees. If Hillary Clinton is their party’s selection as the standard bearer for their political party, it certainly confirms a great deal of what we believed about who and what they are. There’s little we can do through words to deal with that level of philosophical malignancy.

What we can, and must, address is the insanity within what remains of the Republican Party. Their present candidate represents the same power through wealth and wealth through power crony philosophy of Hillary Clinton, being part and parcel of the enabling Establishment for decades. Were Donald Trump to live to a hundred, it would still not be enough time for him to make amends for the great damage he’s done to our Constitutional Republic, so under no condition could he ever deserve to be the standard bearer for a political party he has spent decades undermining.

His crimes against the Liberty and prosperity of the people do not wash off in the course of a campaign cycle. If Donald Trump is what it means to be a Republican, then the party not only is dead, it deserves to stamped out of existence with all the ferocity of a horse stomping to death a snake slithering into its stable. A true liberal society, consistent with the principles of ideological conservatism, cannot remain free without leaders with the will to defend the sacred Liberty of their fellow citizens. It is the solemn duty of every man and woman in America to choose such leaders each and every election.

Our nation faces the very real threat of extinction from runaway debt, Islamic terrorism, or the death of the Constitution itself. As the Republican delegates gather in Cleveland for the Republican Convention, they must keep in mind these real and existential threats to the Liberty of the people. Ultimately, it will be up to them to show the world whether or not Americans still possess the wisdom, courage, and “spirit of resistance” that is necessary for a nation of free people to exist.

Be brave. Be free.

Liberty is For The Win!

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