A Short Word: America Lurches Leftward

For many decades, we’ve seen two major competing visions clash for the dominance of the culture. The political layman may call them the left and the right. The libertarian may call them the collective versus the individual. The naive ignorant will call them Democrats and Republicans. While the exact identities of the participants of this cultural conflict may be unclear to most of the American populace, there’s one certain fact at this point, the conflict is largely over.

Make no mistake. The policies of the victors are every bit as fiscally and morally bankrupt as ever. They didn’t win because their policies were better or economically efficient. There was no actual competition of visions. This was a competition of propaganda, and the collectivists won that fight, hands down, by selling “fairness for everybody“. If there is one thing that the vast majority of people, especially the Left, thinks to be in short supply, it is “fairness“. Everyone thinks they are getting a raw deal, as they grumble from the comfort of their air conditioned homes.

Not because they were suffering, mind you, but because they were told that they were suffering. Once the people believed that there was a problem, the leftist solution follows almost automatically. Once most people believe that “fairness” is in short supply, getting someone in charge of redistributing “fairness” is naturally the solution. The problem with the entire ideology remains just as Margaret Thatcher said, “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.” When we’re running four hundred billion dollar deficits every year, then it is abundantly clear that we’ve run out of other people’s money.

It’s obvious that the American Left has lost the cultural war, because no both political parties are obsessed with “fairness“. Just listen to Donald Trump parrot on about how “unfair it is” for countries like China and Mexico to benefit from trade relationships with the United States. It’s the same Leftist “fairness” argument taken to the international level. While it is true that the Chinese government operates their economy in a way that is disadvantageous to the United States, they are a centralized socialist government. Exactly how else do we expect them to act?

Rather than unravel some of the Leftist policies that have increasingly stifled American competitiveness for fifty years. The Republican Party has bought into the Leftist paradigm, believing that government has a role in increasing “fairness“, and government policies are actually necessary to their reelection chances. It’s become so pervasive, that both parties operate from the assumption that the government can float indefinitely on an ever increasing debt load, as if the economic law of scarcity that Mrs. Thatcher referred to were not a reality.

We are forced to watch in horror as both major political parties spend ever more energy on rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic matters, even $20 trillion under the icy North Atlantic. The Republican Party is now firmly a center left party, with the Democrats so far to the left, they are playing in the street. If there’s going to be a return to sanity in America, it’s going to be in a party of adults, standing on principle and economic realities.

It’s time for a Conservative Party.

Be brave. Be free.

Liberty is For The Win!

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