A Short Word: An Unpopular Truth

There isn’t a week that goes by that Donald Trump fails to demonstrably lie about something he’s done or said in the past. Whether it’s lying about whether or not he pretended to be his own spokesperson (even though he admitted to doing so in court) or whether or not he said that Japan should have nuclear weapons (even though there is video proof that he did suggest this) or whether or not he’s contradicted himself on practically every position he’s staked on and off of the campaign trail, the one thing we know now for certain is his supporters simply don’t care.

This is the reality of our American political system today. The same kind of voters that brought us Obama: “The First Failed Years” and Obama: “Oops, I Did It Again” are the same kind of highly emotional and desperately uneducated voters that want to bring us Trump: “At Least I’m Not Hillary“. While Hillary is objectively the worst candidate the Democratic Party could possibly nominate, Trump is arguably the worst candidate to run in the history of the United States (again, not that his devoted supporters care).

We finally must come to a realization in America that the Founding Fathers were correct in structuring the government in a fashion that denied the ballot to the “unwashed yoeman“. It is, in fact, the opening of the ballot to the largely uneducated masses that has resulted in some of the worst presidencies of the history of the country. Consider the elections of Carter, Obama, and this political season a sort of three part argument.

Without the popular uprising against Ford after the politically embarrassing Watergate scandal and the fall out afterward, would an electoral college independent of volatile public opinion have unseated Ford and given the office to the “outsider” and “reformer” peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter? How’d that go for America? Would an experienced electoral college independent of starry eyed citizens have elected a man without any record of any notable account, with no actual accomplishments, over a distinguished Republican Senator and Vietnam War veteran? And how has that gone?

When motivated and educated citizens have been free to discuss political necessity and the best interests of the nation, without the injection of emotional extremism the likes of the Trump movement, they have overwhelmingly selected a proven conservative with a track record of ideological virtue. When the doors are opened to the obsessively uneducated, they’ve chosen a rambling, incoherent celebrity thug based on his great wealth and his foul mouth, with ties to the Democratic Party going back for decades.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. Whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.” The entire premise of his position depended on a well informed populace. We are beset by a tyranny of ignorance the likes of which the nation hasn’t seen since Obama’s reelection campaign.

Now that it’s obvious that the GOP is filled with so many people who not only are utterly uneducated in the principles of conservatism, they are unwilling to learn these virtues, we Conservatives cannot do the stupid thing and stay in the Republican Party waiting for a different result from the same process. We need to establish a true third party, a renegade party, where individualism, Natural Law, and the principles of the Founding Fathers can be reintroduced into the American political system.

We need a political party free of the democratic madness that has infected the major political parties, so we can offer up only strong and electable men and women of certain ideological virtue who can present the case for ideological conservatism every election cycle, something the GOP is clearly unable to do, but also to support candidates of other political parties when they represent the best option.

The time to do so is now, when there is nothing more to be gained by remaining part of a political party dominated by individuals without an ideological compass who clearly hostile to us.

Be Brave! Be Free!

Liberty is For The Win!

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