A Short Word: Peace In Our Time

On an overcast September 30th, 1938, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of England landed on a British airfield and held aloft a piece of paper bearing the signature of Fuhrer and Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Germany, as well as Neville’s signature, in an agreement that Neville was sure guaranteed “peace in our time” in Europe. Instead of dealing forcefully with German Nationalist expansionism, the Alliance powers thought they could negotiate reasonably with an unreasonable man. Six months later, Germany invaded Bohemia and Moravia. One year later, Germany invaded Poland, and World War II began in earnest.

On September 3rd, 2015, Donald Trump called a press conference to announce that he had signed the pledge agreement, giving his “allegiance to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands.” Less than six months later, he declared the pledge null and void in February. Less than a year later, he declares that party unity is no longer necessary in May. Save for a small island of conservative hold outs vowing “#NeverTrump“, Donald’s conquest of Republicans was all but complete. He declared victory, then turned his attention to attacking the Democrats, opening up a full scale two front political war.

As it turns out, Donald hasn’t been able to completely crush that tiny island of political hold outs, and though the war is slow. He finds himself suddenly in a three front war, ineffectively against the Democrat Union, while losing ground to the hold outs, and to 3rd Party candidates who gnaw at his base. Those disgruntled Bernie supporters that he counted on to join his cause have found a new home with the Green Party’s Jill Stein. And many disgruntled Republicans are finding that they can pinch their nose and vote for the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson.

As it turns out, Hillary Clinton’s post coronation lead has legs, as she remains ahead of Donald by 6.5 points in national polls, now into the second week of August, despite continued weak economic news, her growing email scandals, a money for hostages scandal, her apparent guilt in the death of an Iranian scientist, and her total lack of personal likability. It turns out that Americans prefer a this morally bankrupt grand mother to a philandering, foul mouthed, crony corporatist billionaire.

No one argues that this election was the Republican Party’s to lose. If Hillary didn’t have these scandals holding her back, she’d very likely have a double digit lead over Trump. The only real question is if Donald Trump’s foul tempered supporters will even realize just how bad things are, even when Hillary Clinton is marching through the Reichstag in November?

The day that Donald Trump abandoned the “conservative principles” at the core of the Republican Party, is the day he ensured his defeat in November. Those principles are the difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. A Republican without a conservative foundation is just a Democrat, and true conservatives, formerly the base of the Republican Party, won’t buy that. Unfortunately for Donald Trump and his supporters, the Democrat Party won’t buy it either, because they already have their own brand devoid of conservative values.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump and his blithering supporters have committed to fighting out this election to its predictable bitter end, as they continue to operate under the delusion that they can win this battle for America without even winning the full support of their own party. Make no mistake, the animosity of Donald’s supporters will long outlive his abortive campaign, and, regardless of what happens in November, the Republican Party is too fractured to hold together beyond this election year.

Be brave, patriots. Be free. #ConservativePartyNow


Liberty is For The Win!


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