An Open Question: The World as It Is

Youre a lyingdogfaced pony soldier.
– Joe Biden, Democratic Candidate for President

The salvation of the United States does not in the Democratic Party, a fact that was made abundantly clear after last week’s primaries, with two Democratic front runners who perfectly encapsulate the insanity that has consumed the Democratic Party. Joe Biden is the classic working class pandering Democrat, and Bernie Sanders is the rabid pseudo-socialist progressive, who only fools take seriously.

Whichever Democrat wins will face their perfect foil, Donald Trump, a confused, aging, poorly educated, white man with aggressively working class bigot sensibilities, who incessantly brags about himself and the United States, while ironically both are about three decades past being meaningfully competitive with anyone at basically anything. Oddly enough, there is one thing these three men have in common.

Biden, Sanders, and Trump are all Baby Boomers. Of course, it’s not entirely just the Boomers. Whole segments of every generation buy into the stupid nonsense that these aging crackpots are spewing, but it’s the Boomers that have the money and the political clout to perpetuate it. Generation Xers and Millennials aren’t running the entrenched media empires, after all. That’s still the domain of the Boomers.

Like all things, however, this too shall pass eventually, and we’ll be done with this ignorant generation that, twenty years into the information age, still can’t figure out how to operate a spam filter or differentiate between internet memes and actual news reporting. Unfortunately, I’m far too much of a cynic to believe that even this will be the end of the curse of stupid and terrible politicians.

There are far too many Millennials who take Bernie Sanders’s idiotic nonsense seriously to be confident in the post-Boomer electoral process, but I am resolved to live in the world as it is while continuing to forcefully advocate for the world as it should be, and I have very good reason to believe that it is possible. The first reason being that it’s been done before at the very beginning of this republic.

Among the most famous Founding Fathers at the Constitutional Convention were Benjamin Franklin (then age 81) and George Washington (then age 55), but it’s important to remember that James Madison also signed the Constitution (then age 36), though he was hardly the youngest signer. That privilege belongs to a man named Johnathan Dayton (then age 26), from the state of New Jersey.

Our republic was the product of the best minds of four generations, coming together to find a solution to the ancient problem of government. They were able to come up with a workable, if flawed and incomplete, solution to that problem, which has served as the framework of the world’s oldest current constitutional republic. Sadly, it is also an outlier as far as history is concerned, and it’s yet to be duplicated.

Still, what has been done once can possibly be done again, if only we can find capable and virtuous people who can carry on the work of ensuring a just and good society that will continue to be a beacon of liberty to the world. Given the current state of politics in America, that, sadly, remains an open question.

Liberty is For The Win!

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