A Short Word: The Dirty Truth About Immigration

Imagine for a moment that you are in the position of a young American worker today, or, worse, someone in a position of starting from scratch in their career path. What if you found yourself living in a tough economy where the best hope you had was to find a decent job making $20,000 a year. If you were lucky, chose the right career, and worked hard, you could end up earning upwards of $120,000 annually in twenty or thirty years. Sounds fairly normal until now. But what if you were given an opportunity to earn $160,000 annually immediately, with the chance of earning up to $400,000 annually? All you had to do was swim across a river and live off of the grid for a five to ten years?

That is the reality of illegal immigration. Let’s look at the favorite punching bag of Republican nationalists: the Mexican worker. The average income for an unskilled Mexican worker is US$263.29 a month, with the average Mexican manufacturing worker earning about US$2.20 an hour. Current labor force participation rate in Mexico is 59.28%. To put that into context, the current labor force participation rate in the United States is 62.8%, the lowest rate in almost forty years. Though the Mexican economy is growing a bit faster than the US economy (over 2.0% over the last year), the 2nd quarter growth was only 1.4%.

So the young Mexican worker can stay in Mexico, competing for an unlikely job, and hope to earn about only US$263.29 a month, or he can risk the journey across the border in the United States. The moment he’s on American soil, his earning potential increases by about fourteen fold, from about US$4.04 a day (MX$73.044 a day) to US$58.00 a day ($7.25 an hour x 8 hours). If he can land a job as a construction laborer, his earning potential jumps an incredible thirty fold, from US$4.04 to US$122.72 a day ($15.34 an hour x 8 hours), meaning he can earn in the United States what thirty Mexican workers could earn in one day, combined.


Now none of this is to argue that we should allow illegal immigrants into the United States, though I’m sure that many wild eyed nationalists have already closed out the article with exactly that impression. What it is intended to do is raise a very simple question: How on earth can the American workers compete with Mexican workers when, they must produce up to thirty times as much, just to be price competitive? The answer is unfortunately quite simple: They can’t.

The reason American jobs have been expatriated to industrializing nations like Mexico, China, and elsewhere around the world, especially textiles and manual manufacturing jobs that once employed millions of American workers in rust belt cities across the United States, is because these international progressive socialist ideologies and their loathsome criminal and establishment malefactors have destroyed American competitiveness while filling their own coffers. We have been duped into believing that the government, with a motion of Congress and the signature of the President, can change the very economic laws of supply and demand with no negative consequences whatsoever. It simply isn’t so.

Millions of young men and women, particularly minorities who migrated to cities in the height of the post World War II manufacturing boom looking for low skill manufacturing jobs, have found themselves disenfranchised for generations by these very same radical left wing, authoritarian policies. Thousands of square miles of prime manufacturing real estate crumbling into rusts and oblivion clearly shows that these policies, well intended as they may once have been, no only serve to increase the political power and influence of organized labor and the self serving continuation of the careers of politicians.

What goes up, must come down. Just like the economies of East Germany, the Soviet Union, Venezuela, and hundreds of other such attempts on larger and smaller scales, this cancerous deformation cannot go on forever. The end is nigh.

Be brave. Be free.


Liberty is For The Win!

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