America’s Crisis is the World’s Crisis

So the Democrats finally did it, or, at least, very nearly did it. The impeachment inquiry that has been ongoing in the House for some time, over the continuous objections of the Republican caucus, is finally official and now witnesses will testify publicly for all to see.

The Republicans, who’ve spent weeks angrily stamping their feet and whining about how “unfair” it’s been that Democrats have not allowed the GOP to turn every witness testimony into a circus of slander and disinformation, got exactly what they wanted.

Yet when the Democrats put transparent public hearings up for a vote, no Republicans voted for it. Surprise. It was never about transparency or due process for the repugnant Republican Party, because they were never going to hold Trump accountable regardless.

It honestly doesn’t matter, either way. The Democrats run the House, so there are going to be investigations, whether the GOP want it or not, that will undoubtedly lead to official articles of impeachment, even if conviction in the Senate is unlikely.

And conviction by the corrupt Republican controlled Senate is very unlikely, but I don’t believe that the Democrats are that worried about that now. The Republicans clearly don’t yet appreciate the long game that Pelosi and the Democrats are playing.

While the public hearings into the illegal and unethical actions of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani will undoubtedly improve the American people’s understanding of Trump’s criminal enterprise, it ultimately won’t change minds.

Trump could be caught having sexual intercourse with dead children in their graves, while devouring their defiled flesh, and his supporters would still defend him. We must accept that we’re past the point of rational discourse with Trump’s base.

It’s clear now that Trump supporters fall into three basic categories:

  • useful idiots, who gleefully believe anything Trump or his surrogates say, no matter how much it obviously contradicts reality.
  • conspiracy nuts, who justify Trump’s lies, criminality, and prevarications, because he’s supposedly combating their “Deep State” boogeyman.
  • and moral cowards, who do their best to simply not notice Trump’s obvious failings, repeating the mantra “At least he’s not Clinton!” until they believe it.

No, if the Republicans were ever going to break from Trump, it would have happened by now. The uneducated lunatics are too far gone at this point, so the impeachment inquiry is not about convincing Trump supporters of anything. Forget about that.

The impeachment inquiry is strictly about motivating the Democratic base, by letting the Republican goons demonstrate just how far gone they are. Every day brings new evidence that not only is Trump utterly corrupt, but his supporters are totally insane.

They now regularly threaten violent insurrection, and Trump himself further instigates these loons with talk of civil war and his shameful public assertions that the House exercising its constitutional power of impeachment is somehow illegitimate.

The Democratic leadership is mainly interested in getting voters in the middle and the left that sat out in 2016 to show up in 2020 and vote the Republicans out, but we are at the point where the American people can no longer rely on elections.

When Trump’s ignorant goons threaten to kill their countrymen in order to keep their fascist leader in power, they mean it. It’s time for the Democratic Party to abandon the lunacy of gun control and embrace the Second Amendment as the safeguard it is.

If Trump’s white nationalist base rises up, and there’s little doubt that there will be some that will, they must be crushed to the last man and woman, it will be up to those who put loyalty to their countrymen, and not to a serial philanderer and conman, above all.

Trumpism has become a run away ideology in its own right. If you are reading this in another country, please realize that the situation in the United States has become quite dire. The president of the United States actually believes he is above any law.

He is not alone, because there are roughly 60 million Americans that agree with him, many of whom are willing to instigate a civil war and hand over the government to one party rule, where that party refuses to hold their leader to any standard of law.

The United States is absolutely in danger of becoming a fascist dictatorship with the largest military on Earth and a vast nuclear arsenal. This republic must not fall into the clutches of dogmatic nationalism, because only God can save us if it does.

Liberty is For The Win!

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