What Impeachment says about America

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will apparently send the articles of impeachment to the Senate this week. Many seem to believe that, since the trial in the Senate seems almost certain to conclude in an acquittal, because the Republicans have dismissed the entire process as a partisan exercise, that the impeachment hearings have been a waste of time.

It seems, however, that there is a bigger question here. Whether or not the impeachment process is a “partisan exercise” because the Democrats are hopelessly corrupt and can’t be trusted to rule or the Republicans are hopelessly corrupt and can’t be trusted to rule, if either of the above are true, then we are irreversibly screwed.

For the sake of thoroughness, let’s remember that the Republicans once claimed that the whistleblower’s accusations were dismissable, because they were “hearsay“, a moronic argument their supporters still make to this day. The White House then released an edited transcript, inadvertently confirming the whistleblower accusations.

The Republicans continued to lean on this “hearsay” defense for weeks leading up to the Democratic impeachment hearings. When the closed door hearings into the Ukraine Scandal began in earnest, the Republicans whined instead about the “smear campaign” being conducted in secret and demanded open hearings.

So the Democrats started publicly televising the hearings, and the Republicans went completely nuts. Led by the likes of the dairy farmer (Devin Nunes), the wrestling coach (Jim Jordan), and morally degenerate cohorts, the Republicans spent hours trying to deflect to grade-A, InfoWars level, kook-spiracy nonsense.

What’s far worse, however, is that 60+ million American Trump supporters are clearly stupid enough to take this idiocy seriously or, at least, are so triggered by the fear mongering by their orange idiot-in-chief that they tolerate this ridiculous, unhinged bullcrap, in order to protect their party and their president.

Now, I’m not saying that the American left is not just as corrupt (they are). I’m suggesting that of 340 million Americans, give or take, roughly 130 million (a third of the adult population) are incurably partisan, so if you are a foreigner looking to America for principled philosophical leadership, do yourself a favor. Stop.

The American Republican and Democratic Parties are wholly corrupt enterprises, filled by greedy, incompetent, and, above all, evil politicians, who are kept in power by the whims of ignorant, bigoted, and hopelessly malicious partisans, who believe that they are entitled to their undeserved economic and military status.

America is overflowing with “Christians” who worship a serial rapist, compulsive liar, and corrupt thug, who has been banned from running a charity of any kind. America is infested with “Patriots” who think their government should imprison poor and desperate people for the crime of being born in the wrong country.

In the end, however, people are people, and the American people have proven that they are certainly no better (or worse) than any other people. As is often said, power corrupts, and absolute (or unchallenged) power corrupts absolutely. The United States has never been particularly good. What nation has? But it’s clearly gotten worse.

I’m now convinced that the only way to meaningfully right what’s wrong with America is to remove its preeminent economic and political position in the world. To make this happen, the United States dollar must be removed as the world reserve currency and the United Nations must be disbanded. This will end American hegemony.

Now, if the United States is as unassailably superior as the nationalists believe, then these changes will alter nothing for America. Nationalists, however, are cowards, and stupid cowards at that. Nothing will come of this, regardless, because the investment bankers and fund managers holding Trump’s leash will never let him do either.

It’s unfortunate that this is what we’ve come to, and it grieves me to have to write this. What a waste America has become. This is what 100 years of socialism has wrought.

Liberty is For The Win!

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