Actually, We Are the Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a mess of the economy, and, though the jobs being lost are not entirely the administration’s fault, they aren’t going to help the administration’s credibility with voters who don’t slavishly support him no matter what ignorant faux pas he (repeatedly) commits. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly clear that only about 9-10% of Republicans disapprove of this “stable genius” who claimed this disease that has now killed more than 100,000 Americans was a Democratic hoax and actually predicted the pandemic would “vanish like magic“, if only Americans would believe his nonsense.

Let’s reiterate this point: Trump was wrong about COVID-19, and not by a small margin. He started by downplaying the seriousness of the disease even while it claims more American lives every few days than the September 11th, 2001 attacks did, and, as far as the misinformation campaign coming out of the White House, there does not appear to be any hope of a course correction from an increasingly erratic president or rank and file GOP voters, who have shown zero interest in holding Trump accountable, even while he grows even more erratic and incoherent almost daily, because they don’t care.

Meanwhile, Trump’s foolish tirades now jeopardize his stated foreign policy goals, thanks to his with flailing insults and threats directed at China, not that he actually ever had any hope of achieving his pie in the sky trade agreements with Xi and his Chinese statist cronies. His resorting to baseless conspiracy nutjobbery, which his frankly idiotic base happily parrots, alienates foreign leaders who aren’t desperate enough to ally themselves with the pompous manchild for fear of falling out of favor with him.

Remember, Trump made very specific promises to the American people and has failed to deliver on every one of them:

  • He promised to make China obey “fair trade” guidelines. That has obviously not happened and, thanks to coronavirus, is not going to happen. FAILED.
  • He promised to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. Didn’t happen. FAILED.
  • He promised to build a wall on the southern border (and to have Mexico pay for it). There are still nearly 2000 miles of border without even the beginnings of a wall. FAILED.
  • He promised to balance the federal budget. He’s added over $5 trillion to the national debt in just the last 3 years. FAILED.
  • He promised to “Make America Great Again“, a nebulous campaign promise about restoring economic viability and international respect. He is laughed at around the globe. FAILED.

None of this matters, because Trump’s supporters will turn on Fox News opinion tonight and allow themselves to be told exactly the opposite of the truth. If they are told anything approaching the truth, they will be told that it’s somehow the fault of the Democrats, rather than the fault of “the master deal maker“. For Trump’s supporters, nothing is ever his fault. It’s never going to be his fault, because, if they admit that he is complicit in his failure, then, after three years of blindly supporting him in his failure, they are the ones who are actually to blame.

Americans simply no longer have the guts to admit that they are the architects of their own failure, and, until they do, nothing will change.

Liberty is For The Win!

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