The Trump-Ukraine Scandal Explained

The Republican Party has worked hard to gaslight Americans into a state of confusion as to whether there’s an impeachable offense, or if there was even a scandal to begin with. It’s frankly embarrassing that Americans are so easily confused by this scandal, even given the size and scope of it, but let’s not mince words. There is a scandal, and it very much is impeachable.

It is still crucial that Americans understand exactly what’s going on, so, let’s go through the  Trump-Ukraine Scandal in as simple terms as is possible, and hope to GOD that people figure it out…

1) Where was the “Quid pro Quo“?

In the July 25th, 2019 phone call between Donald Trump asked Ukrainian President Zelensky, Trump asked Zelensky to investigate both the 2016 election interference and the Bidens (vis a vis Burisma, a natural gas company in Ukraine). We know this because the transcript that Trump himself ordered released shows that he brought both of these things up during the call with Zelenksy. We also know this because Vindman and Williams both testified that this is, in fact, what was said during the state call.

2) What was the “Quid” (the “this” being offered)?

The quid was two part. First, it was the military aid that was approved by Congress but then held up at Trump’s order until mid-September, a date that will become important in a moment. The quid was also a White House meeting that did not occur until late September (September 25th), again, a date that will become important in a moment.

We know exactly what the quid was because of testimony from Holmes, Taylor, Kent, Morrison, Sondland, and Hill, all of whom worked in the Ukraine policy theater and were involved in the aid going to Ukraine, as well as monitoring corruption in Ukraine. They testified that the withholding of aid and the meeting in the White House were all being held at Trump’s orders.

3) What was the “Quo” (the “that” being asked for)?

The quo was, as testified by Vindman, Yovanovitch, Williams, Taylor, Kent, Morrison, Holmes, and Sondland, was an investigation into the conspiracy theory regarding Crowdstryke (mentioned by Trump on the July 25th call) and 2016 election interference by the Ukrainians against Trump. The quo was also, as testified by Vindman, Wililams, Taylor, Kent, Morrison, Sondland, Holmes, and Hill, the announcement of an investigation into Burisma and the Bidens (as mentioned by Trump on the July 25th call with Zelensky).

4) What was the “pro” (the “for” being transacted)?

Taylor, Kent, Holmes, Hill, Morrison, and Sondland all testified that the things that Trump held as quid (the military aid that was held up by Trump and the White House meeting that was also held up by Trump) were completely contingent upon the Ukrainians delivering what Trump demanded (an investigation into the conspiracy theory that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 elections and a public announcement of an investigation into the Bidens, vis a vis Burisma). As Sondland said, if these things were not contingent, they would have just happened. We know, therefor, that they were contingent, because they did not happen… until…

5) But didn’t Trump eventually release the aid and grant Zelensky a White House state visit anyway?

Now the dates brought up earlier (mid-September 2019 for the funds being released and late September 2019 for the White House meeting) become important. Remember, the whistleblower complaint was filed with IGIC Atkinson in August 2019. IGIC Atkinson reviewed the complaint, found it both “credible” and of “urgent concern” and, on August 22nd, delivered it to Acting DNI Macguire, a Trump political appointee, to review and deliver to Congress.

However, instead of delivering the whistleblower complaint to Congress, acting DNI Macguire sat on it, even though he was required by standing policy to deliver it to Congress within 7 days of receiving it. During this time, he informed the president that a whistleblower complaint existed but was sitting under his desk, undelivered to Congress.

Macguire’s dereliction of duty forced IGIC Atkinson to notify Congress, on September 9th, 2019, that the whistleblower complaint existed and that it was in the possession of the Acting DNI Macquire, who had failed to deliver it to Congress. He informed Congress that he would continue to try to get the whistleblower complaint released.

On September 11th, 2019, two days after Atkinson notified Congress that the Trump Administration was trying to bury the whistleblower complaint, Trump finally released the $391 million in military aid to Ukraine. The Trump administration also granted a White House meeting for Zelensky, which happened on September 25th, 2019, two weeks after the whistleblower complaint had been delivered to acting DNI MacGuire.

From July 25th, 2019 until September 11th, 2019, the Trump administration illegally withheld a) military aid to Ukraine and b) a White House meeting with Zelensky in order to pressure the Ukrainian government into announcing a bogus investigation into a conspiracy theory of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election and another bogus investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, a political rival of Donald Trump.

If this is still somehow confusing to you, then you may be a Trump supporter. Please, stop voting.

Liberty is For The Win!


20 comments on “The Trump-Ukraine Scandal Explained”
  1. The president is allowed to look into corruption of the 2016 election just as Mueller was, thus Crowdstrike, according to an agreement we have with Ukraine. And the Biden comment was not to help Trump’s election, as we all know Biden can’t win, it was to help America get to the bottom of why a VP and former administration was involved in a shakedown with Ukraine. “It looks horrible,” Trump said.

    A week before the shakedown, Ukraine lawyers, Kerry, VP, and OBama all met in the WH and then came the firing of the prosecutor. There’s documents and evidence (not hearsay) of this meeting and what was said if anyone of the Democrats/ media want to read them. But they don’t care.

    1. LIFTW says:

      “The president is allowed to look into corruption of the 2016 election”
      Except we know from the Sondland testimony that Trump didn’t care if there was an ACTUAL investigation. All he wanted was a public announcement. Did you even watch the hearings?

      1. FAILED! Another coup attempt to take out Trump! I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the left’s next scheme. I hope you didn’t actually think he’d be impeached did you? The truth always prevails. :’/

      2. LIFTW says:

        Just out of curiosity… assuming you’re still alive, what are your thoughts on the “!5 Coronavirus cases will magically disappear” and “the Coronavirus is just a Democratic media hoax” versus what actually happened with over 100,000 dead…?

      3. LIFTW says:

        How’d you like the election, Trumpist? Good grief… you Trump supporters will never admit you’re gullible…

    2. LIFTW says:

      “A week before the shakedown, Ukraine lawyers, Kerry, VP, and OBama all met in the WH and then came the firing of the prosecutor. There’s documents and evidence (not hearsay) of this meeting and what was said if anyone of the Democrats/ media want to read them. But they don’t care.”

      No, there aren’t. You believe what you’re told, but have you seen these “documents and evidence”? No. You haven’t. You can’t present them, because they don’t exist. If you listened to any other news source than what parrots your clearly deeply held beliefs, you’d know the truth. The prosecutor, Shokin (did you even know the prosecutor’s name), wasn’t investigating corruption, because he was protecting his son, who was a corrupt prosecutor.

      I dare you to read a hostile source. Can you even make it all the way through before becoming triggered?

    3. LIFTW says:

      Since you’re unlikely to read the entire article yourself, here’s the key part that you’re NOT BEING TOLD by Faux News or Douche Limbaugh.
      “Burisma Holdings was not under scrutiny at the time Joe Biden called for Shokin’s ouster, according to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, an independent agency set up in 2014 that has worked closely with the FBI.

      Shokin’s office had investigated Burisma, but the probe focused on a period before Hunter Biden joined the company, according to the anti-corruption bureau.

      The investigation dealt with the Ministry of Ecology, which allegedly granted special permits to Burisma between 2010 and 2012, the agency said. Hunter Biden did not join the company until 2014.”

      If you don’t care about FACTS then you aren’t a conservative. You’re just a Republican.

  2. Since you wrote Faux news, nothing else you say interests me. The docs have not been read because the left does not want to see them. I watched every bit of the hearings. It was a set up sham from the get go. Vindman is the beginning of it. Have you not seen that the MSM has been lying for three years along with Schiff? Where have you been? They are the fake news, not FOX. FOX hasn’t reported one false item nor has Limbaugh and if they do, they would be quick to apologize. Keep drinking the Kool Aid. It’s all coming down soon with the A.G. Barr Team. Bye bye.

    1. LIFTW says:

      “Since you wrote Faux news, nothing else you say interests me.”
      LOL I rest my case. This is the kind of clueless idiocy that has become the NORM in America. This person watches “Fox” because she “doesn’t like biased news”. She ACTUALLY believes that Faux News is “unbiased”.

    2. LIFTW says:

      “FOX hasn’t reported one false item”
      LOL Hold on… not one false item? You mean like how they reported that Sondland said that there was NO QUID PRO QUO, when his opening statement included: “Was there a quid pro quo? YES!” This is Trumpgoonism at its most flagrant.

    3. LIFTW says:

      “Bye bye”
      This is the side that accuses everyone else of being “snowflakes” and being triggered. All I had to do was insult her favorite propaganda outlet, and she couldn’t handle it.

      Go back to your safe space, snowflake. Please stop voting.

      1. I’m not a snowflake. I just don’t have patience for those that don’t understand modern day business and government because you’ve never had any experience in it. I have. Everything Trump has done is according to the way things are done.

      2. LIFTW says:

        “I just don’t have patience for those that don’t understand modern day business and government because you’ve never had any experience in it. I have.”

        Oh, you’re pleading expertise? So you’re in government… so you’re why we have a trillion dollar deficit? You’re why we haven’t had a GDP growth rate above 3.5% in 3 years? You are why labor force participation rate is STILL below where it was when Carter left office? You are why American troops pulled back and left our Kurdish allies to DIE at the hands of Turkish troops? You are why American troops have been sent to defend Saudi Arabian assets? You sure you want to brag about being in government, fascist failure?

      3. When I was younger but nothing to do with war, of course. But we ran a business for 30 years and know how to employ people and about healthcare and taxes. Lower corporate taxes helps small companies hire. There’s not much to discuss any longer. Have a nice night.

      4. LIFTW says:

        You’re operating under delusions that Trump is a conservative. Either you don’t understand what a conservative is… or you don’t care.

      5. LIFTW says:

        PS – You haven’t refuted any point that was made. Do you realize that you are a parrot?

  3. “It looks as though our prayers are being answered–that God would expose all the evil done by corrupt politicians and exonerate the innocent. First, despite wall-to-wall coverage of impeachment hearings, the case is collapsing. Six weeks of secret depositions and public hearings, and Rep. Adam Schiff still hasn’t been able to find a witness who can accuse President Trump of bribery or quid pro quo.” Lori Colley

    Even a fascist, parrot, snowflake can copy and paste too.

    1. LIFTW says:

      Trump supporters are a special kind of cognitively challenged. Trump could crap on a stage, and you’d fight over the spoons.

      1. As Jon Voight recently said, “They are not well.”

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