A Short Word: The 3 Reactions to Trump

There are three types of reactions to Trump by Republicans and independents on the right, and, unfortunately, most of them betray the character of our Founding Fathers. They reveal that most of society has become too comfortable to rebel.

Where do you fall?

(1) “He had me at ‘rapists’.”

These are the openly or closeted White Nationalists and National Socialists, including people that believe it’s morally legitimate to think “Hey, I’m not a racist, but why can’t they just go back to where they belong?” The idea of “the Wall” is especially exciting to these people, because their ideas of Nationalism are already less than a stone’s throw away from Mussolini’s or Putin’s. They fantasize about how things will be in the culturally “pure” Trumptopia, once the culturally “impure” have been purged. Some of them are actually openly adopting Nazi political symbols and ideology. There is nothing redeemable about these people.

Our grandfathers went to war to fight this barbaric ideology in the Second World War. Now they are among us. These people have no place in a civil society. None.

(2) “Well, he’s better than Hillary.”

These are an emotionally and politically timid brand of Republicans and independents who are so psychologically crippled, that the very thought of a Hillary presidency sets them to wide eyed terror. While philosophically repulsed by Trump’s endless stream of unconscionable statements, these people will stand by him to the bitter end, only because they believe that he’s a safe place to hide. They justify their spinelessness with soothing whispers of “lesser of two evils” arguments, and every day they spend as much time as possible plugging their ears and covering their eyes, trying not to think about the last totally insane thing Donald said.

These are the people that would have voted against Revolution in 1774-1776, because actually doing something about a terrible situation is outside of their comfort zone.

(3) “No. Absolutely not on my watch.”

We are ideological conservatives, who still believe in rugged individualism and are now feeling like the last sane people in the room. The election is playing out like a slasher flick, and we’re watching so many make exactly the wrong decisions, from the morally bankrupt people who get killed because they get distracted by their own depravity, to the cowards who get killed because of they decided to hide instead of act. We are the ones that stick together, think on our feet, listen to reason, and take action. We do this so that we can keep the monster at bay until daybreak saves us or, at the very least, so some of us will make it out alive.

The one thing you can be damned sure about us is we’re not going out like this. You want us to sell out our principles? No, that’s just not going to happen.

“Give me Liberty, or give me death!”
-Patrick Henry-

Be Brave. Be Free.


Liberty is For The Win!

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