A Short Word: Who Do You Love

So there have been several high profile cabinet picks that strongly indicate the direction of the incoming Trump administration, confirming what I’ve said about Donald Trump from the very beginning. The Establishment won this election, not the People, not those who want to see real change in Washington, and certainly not those who want to cure the cancer that is destroying our Republic. The Establishment won, and it cost them a few lies, a little arm twisting, and a long swan song.

Donald picked Nikki Haley as his Ambassador to the United Nations. As governor of relatively red state (except for 2008), the Nikki has been right of center politically, though her political instincts have been to support Republican Party players. While it is almost unfair to call her Establishment, it’s not inaccurate. She has always been a party player and will cling to the railing of the Republican Party even as it sinks beneath the waves. Though politically conservative, there’s no way to paint Nikki as a political outsider.

Senator Jeff Sessions, Donald’s pick for Attorney General last week, began, his political career in the 1980’s as a Ronald Reagan appointment. His political inclinations have been fairly conservative, as he has a passing rating with Conservative Review. Unfortunately, by every available definition provided by Trump and his supporters, as a fourth term Senator, Sessions is as Establishment as a Republican can be, taking a considerable amount of money from lobbyists across the board, including the defense industry and commercial banks from his home districts, on top of “failing to defeat the Leftists” for the last 20 years.

Next is a more dated but obviously insider pick, Steven Mnuchin, who is presently poised to be tagged for the Treasury Secretary post. Picked earlier this year as Trump’s finance chair, Mnuchin made his fortune at Goldman Sachs, the embodiment of Establishment insider institutions, and even had a stint at Soros Fund Management working for the socialist kingpin, George Soros, himself. With a zesty dash of Hollywood thrown in, there’s no way to pressure wash the stink of Establishment from Mnuchin.

Finally, there is the pick of Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff, arguably the most politically powerful positions in the world, after only the Oval Office. Reince has been a life long Republican, whose only interest has been extending the political power of the Republican Party. He’s had some notable political successes, most notably Scott Walker in Wisconsin, but only the most delusional of Trump supporters could deny that Reince has always been and will always be a political party insider. If there were a face of the Republican Establishment, it’d be in Priebus family holiday photos, smiling right along side Reince.

It’s impossible to look at Donald Trump’s cabinet picks and see any serious indication of a changing of the guard. His cabinet isn’t breaking the order of things in Washington, and is even elevating many people with dubious ties to positions in his cabinet. While some, like Nikki Haley and Jeff Sessions have fairly good track records politically, neither are going to rock the boat within the Republican power structure. Others, like Mnuchin and Reince, are so deeply ingrained within the Establishment hierarchy, the chances of any serious shake ups among the ranks of insiders is exactly zero.

There will not be any draining of the swamp. They may move some lily pads around, but anyone that still believes that the waters will be any less treacherous is deluding themselves. Donald Trump is putting people who might oppose him out of his way, while stacking the benches with career insiders who have been playing the game for a very long time. If any real change is going to occur, it’s going to have to originate with us at the grass roots in the form of a new conservative political party.

No more compromises.


Liberty is For The Win!

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