Bait and Switch

For those who claimed that they would support the president-elect while holding him accountable for his actions and statements, there is no time like the present, or, in this case, the past.

Merry Christmas 2016

On this day, our King was born, not to punish us for our rebellion, not to enslave us to a divine tyranny, but to set us free.

The Cracks Begin to Show

If history teaches us anything, it's that the very things that may make something popular are also often the very things that make it wrong.

Cry Wolf and He Will Come

In a nation founded by daring to question centuries old political and cultural assumptions at the heart of society, how have we become a nation so ready to cry wolf at the barest scent of nonconformity?

The Primeval Purpose

With no government to take from them, they thrived. With no one to silence them, they advanced. With no one to tell them how best to live, they prospered.

The Winter of Truth

As it turns out, the duty once again falls upon American conservatives, as it always has, to carry the torch for truth.

Riding the Black Horse

One of the central pillars of socialism is that government not only can maintain control over every element of the economy but must do so.

Economic Speed Round: December 2016

The latest helping of government data on jobs and the economy are remarkably rosy, but there are more than a few dark clouds surrounding the silver linings.

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