Just Grow Up: Now Trumpism Doesn’t Like Nike

Apparently sports outfitter Nike needs to update their company slogan to “Just Grow Up!“, because after they kicked off a new ad campaign featuring former NFL player and cultural lightning rod, Colin Kaepernick, they have managed to provoke the Trump partisan hornet nest into revealing just how emotionally stunted and utterly obsessed with nationalist grievance politics they actually are. The pathetic Republican partisans have even resorted to destroying their own Nike branded clothing, often while they are wearing them..

Why are these entitled, thin-skinned, red capped, Republican Party goons so triggered? They can’t handle Nike, a private company, associating itself with Colin Kaepernick, a private individual, who is guilty of the one thing they cannot tolerate: a different opinion. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with Colin’s politics or his open hostility to other groups he doesn’t agree with, but burning $150 shoes because you don’t like Colin Kaepernick is the desperate act of someone with the emotional maturity of a recently dumped hysterical 14 year old.

Worse, because these stunted partisans are so exactly the opposite of reasonable, they will miss the great irony that, not even a week ago, they were in total meltdown because Google, Vimeo, Spotify, Apple, Facebook, and, more recently, Twitter had deplatformed life long conspiracy theory nut, suffering profiteer, and human shaped bag of pig excrement, Alex Jones. But now, with Kaepernick, they are suddenly okay with deplatforming, because, of course, it’s only bad when it happens to them.

So social media was briefly flooded with memes celebrating a small 2% to 3% pull back of Nike’s stock price after the advertising campaign was announced, failing, of course, to mention that the entire stock market had pulled back 2% to 3%. Just 24 hours later, after Nike‘s stock prices begin to climb ahead of the market, is there any inkling of contrition from these people? No, not even a little, but they tell us they care so very much about facts.

Sadly, until their pig king is cut down on the altar of justice, these people will remain infected with his cult of unaccountability. Every day, the moral decay and political degeneracy gets worse. The Republican Party is hopelessly tainted, and there is no recovering it when it is bloated as it is with people who put the perpetuation of the party above the perpetuation of the ideals that the party once stood for. The only correct vote this November is for literally any party that isn’t the Republican Party.

I do not suggest the Democratic Party will be superior in any way, but America certainly needs a true opposition party based on ideals, not politics.


Liberty is For The Win!

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