Red State of Denial: Paul Manafort Rolls

On Friday, news broke that will yet again send the Trumplican snowflakes to thrusting their heads in the sand. Paul Manafort, long time confidant and 2016 campaign manager for president Donald Trump, has finally rolled. Foregoing his right to further trials and pleading guilty to all charges against him in exchange for leniency, Manafort has agreed to cooperate with Robert Mueller, special counsel into the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Unfortunately, this latest bombshell will do nothing to break through the state of denial of Trump’s base. Even as Manafort joins the ranks of Michael Cohen, General Michael Flynn, and a growing host of traitors who were complicit in selling us out to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his corrupt brood of oligarchs, Trump’s aging base of gullible degenerates will simply yell “Fake News!“, “Witch Hunt!“, “Deep State!“, and “Nothing Burger!” right up until Trump is hung for treason against his nation and his countrymen.

These people are so unwilling to so much as be exposed to information that offends their delicate preconceptions, they are willing to shut down any media that has even a chance of telling them something they don’t want to know. But isn’t that the definition of “snowflake“, you may ask, because you actually remember these very same buffoons (legitimately) accused Barack Obama and the left of doing this very same things? Yes, in fact, it very much is, so, as it turns out, Trumplicans are the biggest snowflakes of them all.


Unfortunately, regardless of their political affiliation, as long as we allow these angry, stupid, lowest common denominator people to have influence, without reasonable restriction or control, over who wears the laurels of political power, we’re damned to an endless cycle of conspicuous corruption at the highest levels of government while plebeian savages take turns trying to shove their countrymen into the hungry maw of government until one side finally succeeds and murders half the population.

Is this really what we want? To have a country run by people so stupid they believe that only the other guys are capable of gross corruption or incompetence? Because that only lasts so long.

Liberty is For The Win!

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