A Farewell to John McCain

To be perfectly honest, I was never particularly fond of John McCain’s middle of the road politics. As an iconoclast and Jeffersonian liberal, I found his willingness to compromise with the big state progressives in the Senate on issues great and small to be personally irksome. His eagerness to undermine his more hardline colleagues and bedrock conservative values seemingly just to get something passed through Congress with his name on it always smelled a little of surrender and showboating.

However, the fact is that John McCain, not I, was directly privy to the political realities of Washington, DC, and, at the end of the day, it’s simply easier to be an idealistic iconoclast when there are no consequences. Maybe John’s way, as distasteful as I found it, was the only way to get through a day in our dysfunctional republic and get the business of government done in a way that we can at least pretend to be able to live with.

It is what it is.

In the end, I had no personal grudge or enmity against John McCain or his family. He served his country honorably in a war he chose to participate in because he belonged to a family with a strong military tradition, paying a heavy price as a prisoner of war for his country. In his personal life, John was not a perfect man, but who among us can cast a stone from a place of moral infallibility. We are all imperfect, so let that dog lie. As far as his family who grieved for him at his funeral and grieve for him still, I pray peace for them.

America bids farewell to John McCain, a man who played it straight until the end, gaining the respect of both his allies and his rivals. He goes now to his final rest and to what any man of faith can only hope is peace and comfort in the presence of a loving and merciful God. Rest in peace, John.

John Sidney McCain
1936 – 2018

A word for those who forget themselves and seek to slander John McCain’s memory while taking pleasure in the suffering of his family. Know this. The entire world sees you for what you are. A just God witnesses what you do, and He will hold you to account. When it is time for you and your heroes to go to your Judgments, there are many of us who will remember who you are and what you did.

And karma? Well, she’s worse than you two will ever be, Ann Coulter and Laura Loomer.

To hell with them fellas. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.
– The Outlaw Josey Wales



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