A Short Word: Paranoia vs Patriotism

If you pay almost any attention to the rhetoric coming from the rank and file within the pro-Trump camp, it won’t be long before you’ll hear the unmistakable reactionary chords of ethnocentric angst that runs deep in the psychology of their movement. Even disregarding the open bigotry of the alt-right movement’s totally unhinged agitators, there is still so much paranoid xenophobia couched in the MAGA movement.

Just listen to the rank and file talk about the “assault on western civilization” or whine about the “white genocide” of European nations “overrun by immigrants“. They are pro “Muslim ban“, anti “foreign trade“, and loudly “America First“, using buzzwords, such as “globalism” and “anti-establishment“, that can mean literally anything depending on the context. They’ll viciously attack anyone that dares call their political posturing what it very clearly is: bigotry.

Make no mistake, when some MAGA supporter on whatever social media platform says “globalist“, there’s a better than 50% chance they mean “Jew“. When they say “immigrant“, they very often really mean “non-white“. This isn’t some paranoid Leftist conspiracy, either, because even when these people are unmasked, other “innocent” MAGA supporters will do less than nothing to condemn this behavior. This fact alone convicts the entire Trump movement.

It does not matter if you are tired of the Left’s accusations of racism and bigotry, if those accusations turn out to be true.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

This isn’t to say that the underlying fears and anxiety that have engendered MAGA’s lunacy are completely unfounded. One need only look at the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001, the Boston Marathon bombing, the murder of police officers by radicalized Black militants, the shooting death of Kathryn Steinle by an Mexican national illegally in the country, or, more recently, the radicalized Leftist gunman that open fired on unarmed Congressmen in Alexandria, VA to see that there are very real threats all around us.

Unfortunately, while the rank and file MAGA voter will say they are merely interested in the “defense of western civilization“, “protecting American jobs“, and enforcing the “rule of law“, the Nationalist policy that results always seems to end up being the persecution of “the other“. They criminalize the desperation of men and women seeking only an honest day’s work. They subject millions of Muslim Americans to prejudice and suspicion. They attack business men and women for simply trying to do what is necessary to stay competitive in a global marketplace.

All the while, Trump’s supporters have missed one fundamental fact. The necessary and proper role of American government has never been to defend any civilization, or to protect anyone’s jobs, or even to enforce the rule of law (keep breathing and keep reading). In America, “governments are instituted among Men” in order “to secure these rights (Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness)“, and while rule of law is absolutely necessary to secure public Liberty, the creation and enforcement of unjust laws that transgress on the Liberties of others is tyranny!

Never forget, the solemn duty of all Patriots is to defend the Liberties of all people.


Liberty is For The Win!


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