A Short Word: Why I am NeverTrump

After an emotionally taxing two years, with new reasons to oppose Donald Trump’s presidency coming on an almost daily basis, it’s sometimes hard to remember why it is I personally oppose the man and everything that he stands for. For the sake of posterity, here are seventeen reasons that I proudly remain #NeverTrump.

  1. He has used the advantage of his wealth and political connections to transgress against the natural rights of people around the world.
  2. He willfully provided material support to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, among many others, even while they worked to undermine the personal liberties of his fellow Americans.
  3. He willfully misrepresented the nature and extent of the many and conspicuous failures of most of his business ventures, as well as overstated the nature and value of his “hundreds of businesses” for the sole purpose of exaggerating his net worth.
  4. He regularly says and writes things he knows to be false, about himself, about his colleagues, and, especially, about his critics.
  5. He has never openly and forcefully rejected the putrid thread of White Nationalism that infests his political base and embraces many of their nativist political agendas.
  6. He has instigated hatred and provoked violence among his supporters against both immigrants and other Americans.
  7. He has a history of vulgarity and general impropriety with women, married and otherwise, famously bragging about sexually harassing and assaulting women.
  8. He is a fantastically bad judge of character, surrounding himself with those who have later been forced to resign over embarrassing scandals, including physical assault of a female reporter, undisclosed contacts with a hostile foreign power, gross vulgarity unbefitting their office, and general incompetence.
  9. He has an unseemly and inexhaustible infatuation with himself, causing him to constantly talking about himself at the least appropriate times and feeding his fundamental disrespect for the office.
  10. He has repeatedly acted with duplicity toward men and women in his service, publicly praising them, before just as publicly cowardly naming and shaming these Americans from behind his Twitter account.
  11. He has failed to deliver on core promises to the American people, such as naming China a currency  manipulator and building a wall between the US and Mexico.
  12. He has failed to release his tax returns after promising to do so repeatedly in the two years since announcing his intent to run for the office that he now holds.
  13. He abuses the power and privilege of the Office of President, using executive orders to fake achieving agenda items he has failed to negotiate with Congress.
  14. He publicly attacked institutions of our Constitutional Republic, undermining both the credibility and coequality of the Legislative and Judiciary branches.
  15. He habitually puts politics before professionalism, posturing himself as a victim of the very system of laws and justice that he is sworn to uphold.
  16. He has appointed his family and life long friends to high office in direct violation of federal anti-nepotism laws and common decency.
  17. Finally, he conspicuously and repeatedly disregards the rule of law and seeks to undermine the independence of our justice system, in direct contradiction of his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is the sacred duty of every man and woman who loves Liberty to stand against such an demonstrably unworthy politician. We cannot claim to deserve better when we do not reject worse.


Liberty is For The Win!

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